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We decided to mount a bookshelf above each of the windows in the study.  Between the two of us, we have more books than we know what to do with, so putting a bookshelf up above the windows (in what otherwise might be wasted space) seemed like a good way to get out books out of the boxes that they’ve been stored in for the last 2 years and out in the open where we can grab them at leisure.

One of our new bookshelves

I organized the books by color (an idea I stole from Apartment Therapy), and then alphabetically.  A little left-brain, right-brain action, I think.  (And I’ll be getting rid of an entire box full of books that I didn’t like or won’t read — a good start to my New Year’s Resolution to get rid of the clutter in our home).

Jason laughed.  And then asked how he was supposed to find what he was looking for.  (And then was surprised to find out that he did indeed know the color of the spine of the book he was looking for.  So it’s not that ridiculous of an organizing scheme…)

I love it!  I think it looks so much cleaner and neater than it would have if I had sorted alphabetically or by genre.  It provides a little visual interest, and I hope it will make this small room look uncluttered, despite the large number of books being stored here.

The full effect – love it!

Anyone else tried out the color-sorting method?  Or have any other tips for making a small space appear uncluttered?  Do tell… we’re still organizing the room and would love to encorporate your ideas…

(For more photos on organizing books by color, visit here or here)


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