bathroom oops.

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Remember when I said we decided to start with our master bedroom?  Well, the wallpaper border came down far too easily, and I wanted to see if the bathroom wallpaper would tear down just as easily.

In retrospect, that was either brilliant or incredibly stupid.

Here’s the bathroom before:

The wallpaper in the bathroom came down easily.  So easily, in fact, that I decided the carpet squares on the walls had to go, too.  And then, the cabinet, shower doors and plastic shower surround.

And, once we had those things down, it was easy enough to remove the remaining tile, lights, mirror, and fan.  Demo is too much fun!

Now we just have to figure out how to put it all back together (because we’ll be living at J’s apartment until our only shower is functional).  See?  Brilliant or seriously idiotic.


Day 1

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Today was our first full day of country homeownership. So far, so good!

We’re still sleeping in Jason’s apartment, since we have no furniture at the house, but spent yesterday evening and today at the house, working. I’ll share pictures of our projects later in the week, but first I thought I’d share some pictures of the beautiful garden I’ve inherited at our new house.  I can’t wait to have our house all set up so that I can clip some of these and have fresh flowers all summer long!

We’re amazed at the wildlife near our house (though we shouldn’t be). Today we spotted hawks and Jason caught a toad and a frog. We can hear cows mooing and birds chirping from our back yard. It’s a welcome change from the neighbor’s music and airplane noise we heard in the back yard of our Minneapolis house.

We have lots of white and purple iris’ in the yard.  So pretty!

I love peonies, and there are TONS in the backyard.  I can’t wait until they bloom!

Barley loves the back yard, and can often be seen sprinting from one end of the yard to the other or rolling in the grass.

Packing Day

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Oh, yikes.

It’s hard to believe that packing day is already here, and that moving day is tomorrow.

I am simultaneously ecstatic and sorrowful about leaving Minneapolis; thrilled and terrified about our new adventures in Kalamazoo.

I wanted to share some pictures of the box factory that is our house, but the camera-computer connector seems to have gone missing.  I suppose it’s in the same place as the garbage bags and a slew of other things (drinking glasses?  I’ve been using a glass jar that I cleaned out specifically for the job) that I’ve needed but have been packed in a large, unmarked box.

If I was really organized, I probably would have made sure that the garbage bags didn’t get moved (especially since I have yet to empty the contents of the fridge), but, I’m not.  Sigh.


May 19, 2009 at 8:51 pm | Posted in Marriage, Moving, Photography | 1 Comment

Amidst a million last-minute details, boxes/furniture to be organized, and headaches to be tamed, I received this link to the wedding photo album made by our photographer, and it has had me smiling all day.  I love it!

(now it’s back to packing and organizing!  how is it Tuesday already!?)

finished (for now) banker’s chair

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Over the weekend, I puta few coats of polyurethane on my old banker’s chair, and then I managed to put all of the pieces back together.  I am pretty proud of myself, so now I’m going to share a million pictures with you.  It still needs a seat (obviously) and is missing casters on the bottom, but those will have to wait until after the big move.

What do you think?  A little bit better than this (the before), right?

getting ready to say goodbye

May 17, 2009 at 8:25 pm | Posted in Minnesota, Miscellaneous, Photography | 2 Comments

With less than a week to go before the big move, I recruited my cousin, Jennifer, to play tourist with me.  I plan to make a coffee table book full of pictures of the city to help us remember our time here, so Jennifer, Barley, my camera, and I took a tour of some of my favorite areas of town.

In the evening, I had a last meal at one of my favorite restaurants in town with a coworker who was celebrating her birthday.

My absolute favorite part of the meal:

Yep, that’s fries covered in nacho-ey goodness.  Like someone opened a chipotle burrito over a large plate of fries.  Amazing.

And the nacho-fries were closely followed with a delicious lava-cake of birthday goodness.  Delish!

carpet in the bathroom

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Jason’s been out to our future home (1 week ’till closing!) a few times this week for inspections and whatnot.  Nothing major showed up, so it’s full speed ahead!

One fun little detail that I conveniently forgot to share with you when I gave you the house tour is that there’s carpet in the bathroom.  Only, it’s not where you’d expect it.  It’s on the walls. I kid you not.  Linoleum floors, carpeted walls. *cringe*

The half-bath downstairs sports a lovely navy blue carpet (and a sailboat themed toilet seat).

The upstairs (full) bath sports a lovely rose-colored pink wall carpet.

If anyone can explain this to me, I will give you a gold star.

Gotta love a fixer-upper.  (At least this one has a stove).

Chair Update

May 14, 2009 at 8:06 pm | Posted in During, Furniture, Projects | 5 Comments

Remember this chair?  I hoped to get her done by today for the Project Procrastinator’s Party at the Inspired Room, but I skipped out of town last weekend to visit my husband and family instead.

I did end up staining the chair a bit darker.  The light patch on the right side of the chair back was driving me nuts, so I darkened it by adding another coat of stain.

I hope to find time to put on a few coats of polyurethane this weekend, and to put the chair all back together before the movers come next Thursday!


May 13, 2009 at 7:39 pm | Posted in Inspiration, Our Bedroom, Our Home | 10 Comments

I think I might seriously need to paint our new bedroom navy blue.

Nicholas Hxaslam (via The Newlywed Diaries)

Love it, love it, love it.

(The only thing stopping me from committing to it is that if I hate it in our space, it’ll take several coats of paint to bring it back to a lighter/neutral color).

(before – during our tour of the house)

navy copy(after a terrible photoshop job – pretend the white stuff near the ceiling is crown molding, and that our furniture has replaced the old owners furniture, and that the door is white and the rug is gone.  That is a lot of pretend, but if you’re anything like me, you had two imaginary friends when you were little and can handle the pressure.  And yes, I should certainly be preparing for next week’s move and not sitting in front of Photoshop, attempting to finally learn how to work it, but… well… Photoshop is much more fun.)

What do you think?  With some new lights, new curtains, removal of the carpet to reveal the wood floors underneath, crown molding, and breezy light-colored bedding?  Could it work?  (Am I brave enough to try to make it work?)


May 12, 2009 at 8:49 pm | Posted in Family, Miscellaneous, Photography | 4 Comments

I haven’t been feeling particularly wordy lately.

I’ve been eagerly anticipating once again living with my favorite roommate, seriously bumming about saying goodbye to friends, family, and coworkers here, questioning what the future holds for me career-wise, and remaining hopeful that my grandma and uncle (who was recently diagnosed with leukemia) will be nursed back to health as quickly and painlessly as possible.

The weekend was spent in Milwaukee, where I got to see this guy:


Saturday, I spent time visiting with the fam, played cards with my grandma, mom, aunt, uncle, and cousin at the home my grandmother is recovering in, and went on a date with this guy (who looks significantly less scary behind a pint of beer):

On Sunday, we visited with my uncle, the godfather (because he really is my godfather), and had a nice Mother’s Day brunch with my mom.  I also enjoyed (taking pictures of) her garden, which is beginning to bloom, and Jason found a baby painted turtle in the yard.  Trevor was delighted!  Check it out:

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