the big announcement

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It took a little longer than anticipated, but I’m back with the news you’ve all been waiting for (or not).

The BIG BLOGGY news.

I’m moving.  Blogs.

You can find our latest adventures in home renovations at!

I hope you’ll all join us!


wordless week

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I’m feeling a bit wordless this week, so I’m going to take a little bloggy break. I promise to be back sometime next week with a big bloggy surprise! (And, no, grandpa, I’m not pregnant).

Until then…

spring – finally!

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The weather has been beautiful here for the past week, and I’ve been sure to take advantage of it by taking Barley on long walks.  (Also?  Walks are a great stress reducer.  Much needed after the ups and downs of the past week!).  I brought my camera with me yesterday to document some of the new (and very welcome) spring greenery.  Also?  I learned a new camera trick – I can now focus on objects that are on the side of the picture while making the background appear blurred.  Very impressive, right?

Barley is panting in anticipation of a walk.  He has the biggest. doggy. tongue. ever.

A bridge over the creek near our house.

I walked closer to a willow to take some pictures of it’s branches and I found this tiny plastic baby.  I think it qualifies as one of the weirdest things I’ve seen at the park.

Okay, this one isn’t green, but I like the texture anyways.

Here’s Barley checking out the lake.  Again, BIGGEST DOGGY TONGUE EVER.

Kicked out

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We spent much of our weekend kicked out of the house.  This is a good thing – we had 6 showings and a successful open house.  This is also a not-good thing – I am exhausted and want nothing more than to sit on the couch and watch TV, maybe craft a little bit, hang out with Jason and the doggy, and just generally ignore the fact that life as I know it is about to {temporarily} change in ways that might be less than fun.

Instead, though, we went out.

Saturday we celebrated 6 months of marriage.  I bought Jason a Tangy Taffy, and he didn’t complain too much when I pilfered some of the McDonalds Fries he ordered for lunch.  Because we are healthy and romantic like that.

Since we were unexpectedly kicked out of the house at 10:30 Saturday morning, I got the opportunity to prove that I can indeed shower, scream commands at my husband, and wash floors, dust, vacuum, and make the bed in 25 min or less.  That is what I like to call “multitasking” but I’m sure Jason has other names for the insanity that is his crazy, rushed, and stressed-out wife.  Happy Anniversary, honey! {ha, ha, you are stuck with me!}

We drove to Northfield to watch brother Robby’s LaCrosse game, arriving early enough to walk around the town for a bit, taking pictures, and reliving my college years.  Northfield is pretty much the cutest little town ever, and I wish I had taken better pictures to convince you all of that, but you’ll just have to believe me.

Mmm, yes.  We considered stopping in the Rueb and grabbing a beer, but it was still kind of early in the day.  I don’t think I’ve been in here since the week before college graduation, and I wonder what it would be like to go back.  I mean, I may or may not have used someone else’s ID to get in here and sing karaoke on the weekends.  Maybe. And this is one of those times that I am quite happy that digital photography and facebook came about AFTER I graduated.  Because you will NEVER see those pictures, and that is something we can all be very, very happy about.

Anyways.  We also took a few pictures of us and the dog, mostly because we were still killing time at that point, and also because there was a somewhat picture-esque sidewalk along the Canon River.  Barley was loving staring at the ducks.  Did he want to play?  Or eat?  We will never know.

And, Jason snapped a good one of me!  Even if Barley is still staring at the ducks.

We then headed over to the game, which happened to be the longest game in the history of sports, with the exception of that one recent basketball game involving Syracuse that went into like 6 overtimes.  You can tell how closely I follow this stuff.  Are you amazed and impressed that I am winning my March Madness pool?  By a lot?  {high-fives self.}

The game lasted 2 hours.  Do these things usually last this long?  I had no clue what was going on 99% of the time, and it was cold and overcast.  We saw Rob out on the field a few times, and his team won, so that was awesome.  Barley made a puppy friend, and spent the rest of the game either ignoring or trying to play with the little guy.

Jason found doggy treats in his pocket.  

We headed back to Minneapolis, made a quick stop at the Mall of America, and then celebrated our 6 months of marriage with pizza at Black Sheep Pizza.  Yummy!  (If you’re local and you haven’t been yet, you should go.  Or at least order pizza takeout, since the wait for a table can be long on the weekends.)

We spent Sunday afternoon running errands.  Sunday evening we went out to dinner with friends and then claimed some much-needed time with our couch and TV. 

The Bathroom Reveal

April 2, 2009 at 10:06 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 20 Comments

Let’s be honest.  Our bathroom was hideous.  In fact, now that we’ve invested a little time and energy into it, I can’t believe we actually lived with such a craptastic bathroom for so long…  If only we would have done all of this when we first moved in.  We could have actually enjoyed it!


When we moved into the house, there was no shower – just a tub.  We bought a new faucet and a shower attachment, as well as a curtain rod and 2 shower curtains and – tada!  Our MacGyver shower was born.  We were insanely proud of ourselves…

Here is the hideous sink and cabinet, as well as some shelves that were blocked only by two cheap-looking doors that didn’t slide very easily.  It was not awesome.

BUT NOW?  It’s super-awesome.

Love it, love it, love it!

Another look at the shower.  We purchased a D-shaped shower rod and a clamp to hold our hand shower up to it.

We removed the old doors and painted the inside of the cabinet white.  Our towels are rolled up on the top shelf (like a spa!  yay!) and the bottom shelf has toilet paper in a basket (easily accessible) as well as 3 of the apothecary jars used at our wedding – filled with cotton swabs, cotton puffs, and ice cream salt (it’s all I had and it looks like bath salts, and I do not make ice cream.  I don’t know why we even had ice cream salt handy?  Hmm.).  I threw a candle in with the ice cream salt for fun.

I painted the old cabinet white.  It took 20.5 million coats of paint, but it was well worth it!  And we hung a small mirror next to the big mirror to reflect more light into the space.

Here’s a close-up of the cabinet with the goodies from yesterday’s package.  I managed to snag 3 glass knobs for $10 from ebay.  I was especially proud of myself since one of these bad boys goes for $9 at Restoration Hardware.  The old knobs were too crusty and dirty to go with the new white paint.

The other bathroom wall houses a mirror (more reflecting light!) and two pictures – black and white palm tree pictures that I took when J and I traveled to Hawai’i in 2004.

And now – the cost breakdown:

  • Paint – $15 at Menards (we seriously just bought the cheapest paint we could find.  I have no idea what color it is.)
  • (We already had primer, Ceiling paint, and paint for the cabinet)
  • D-shaped curtain rod – $50
  • Hand-shower clamp – $50
  • Cabinet knobs – $10
  • (We already had towels, frames/pictures, and all of the other decorative goodies)
  • Shower curtains and rings – Target $30

Grand Total?  $155. Not too shabby… I think we’ve successfully turned this bathroom from “REMODEL ME NOW” to “Hey – maybe I could use a new sink in a few years“.  Let’s hope this all translates into a quick house sale for us!

Now head on over to see other remodeling projects at the remodeling guy’s spring remodeling round up!

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2008 at 8:01 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

I wish everyone health and happiness, laughter and love!

(These are the cards I designed and sent… our first year sending real Christmas cards!)

Two months, one day

December 5, 2008 at 8:43 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

Dear hubby,

I can’t believe we’ve been married for two months already! (Plus one day – I completely forgot about our anniversary until I looked at my watch late last night!) Time flies, when you’re having fun, I guess.

Anyways, this month we did all sorts of exciting married firsts. Like go on business/vacation, celebrate our first holiday, and begin our first home improvement project. Only… we’ve done these things before we were married, and it’s really not that different now. You still roll your eyes when I insist that I can’t possibly get to the airport an hour in advance. You are still not a big fan of Turkey Day (although you were quite happy to celebrate a holiday here, in the cities we live in, this year). And, you still hate it when I drag you into projects thinking that they are no big deal, when, in fact, they take 85 times longer than I think they will. Of course, you realized all along that it was a miserable project, but you let me strip that wallpaper anyways, knowing that, at some point, you’re going to have to do some serious work.

We also almost had our first married fight this month. But then, you fed me and I stopped being angry. I don’t remember what I thought I was mad about. Something about the wallpaper not removing itself, maybe? Anyways, food is still, and always will be, the answer.

There is something we need to talk about, though. The alarm clock. I haven’t figured out why you keep setting it to make the world’s loudest BEEP BEEP BEEP instead of setting it to gently wake us up with music. Or at least a quieter BEEP BEEP BEEP. I seriously have a heart attack every time that thing goes off, and there’s really not much worse than going from deep sleep to AHHHHHH! No wonder you’re not a morning person.

I will try to get past that one little difficulty, though, for the sake of our marriage.


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