The Study: Paper (mostly) peeled

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I *finally* peeled the last of the wall ceiling paper off of the ceiling the other night to reveal a lovely chalkboard green-colored ceiling.  Check it out:

hmmm.  Yes.

So, undoubtedly you’ve noticed that we’ve got a little problem on our hands.  Or a big problem.  I’m not sure, really.

The white patches above are places where previous owners have patched over the wallpaper.  They’re big, huge, poorly-done patches, and I could only scrape some of them off.

So, if someone (anyone!) wants to tell me what to do now, that would be great.  I’m currently leaning towards sanding them down to the level of the green ceiling and then painting over all of it with white ceiling paint and crossing my fingers that it won’t be noticeable.  But I may entertain other suggestions.



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I *really* hoped that this post would have pictures of a completely wallpaperless study. Instead, I am stalling, because we’re going to need another week (or even two) to remove all of the paper.  We started removing the paper using only water and soap because a colleague had mentioned that this worked as effectively as the chemical stuff you can buy.  We quickly discovered, though, that soap and water did not do the job.  So we purchased Dif, an enzymatic wallpaper stripper, because we are scientists and like enzymes.

But still, getting rid of the wallpaper (and the layers of paint over it) has been tricky at best.

I want to know when (and why) it was popular to wallpaper the ceiling.  Because we’ve got wallpaper on the ceiling in every bedroom, and if it’s taken us this long to remove half of the wallpaper in our smallest room… oh man.  I don’t even want to think about how long it will take us to get rid of the rest.

Honestly, it seemed easier when we did this last time… (when we had to remove it from the ceiling of our Kentucky house).  So now, to distract you, I am going to show you pictures of that glorious process.  Pictures of our current (and very slow) process will be on the way as soon as we’re done.  Until then, offers to help and/or tips to make things go faster will be gladly accepted.

Jason hard at work scraping the top layer of paper and paint off of the ceiling.

Jason hard at work removing the rest of the wallpaper (using dif).  FYI there were also pictures of me helping, but most of the shots were taken straight up my nose, and I refuse to post bad pictures of myself on my own blog.  So there.

Ahh… a wallpaperless ceiling (if only this is what our current study ceiling looked like… sigh.)

The Study: Inspiration

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I made up an inspiration board for our study today (it was a perfect activity for a cold, gray day), so I thought I would share it with you.  We’ll be painting the ceiling and trim white, and the rest of the room will be a very light blue (Frost Wind by Behr).  The darker blue color (Eminence by Behr) will be the wall color for the adjoining room, so I thought I’d include that.

I’m not 100% sold on the dots pattern for the curtains and other fabric in the room, but I want something colorful and fun.  The great thing about putting such a light color on the walls is that I can have fun with the fabrics and other accessories in the room (like those cute green storage boxes).  Let me know if you have any suggestions!

The Study: Before Pictures

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I have to admit that I am a bit embarrassed to show these pictures. We have lived in this house for almost a year now, and we haven’t even unpacked a whole slew of boxes. Some of these boxes have been hiding in the study (others are hiding in the 4th bedroom that we plan to turn into the kitchen because, really, we don’t need a 4th bedroom, nor would we want guests/children sleeping in that awkward space. But that is a story for another day). And, if I’m really being honest with you, I’ll admit that most of the boxes haven’t been unpacked since we moved from Minneapolis to Lexington, Kentucky 2 years ago. (We only stayed in Kentucky a year before moving back to MN). I keep thinking that I should just get rid of the stuff in the boxes – if we haven’t used it in 2 years, we probably wouldn’t miss it if I got rid of it. But most of the boxes are full of books, and being the complete and total bookworms that we are, we have trouble saying goodbye to reading material. End tangent.

Anyways, the study. It’s a tiny room off of the tiny third bedroom. It’s got some awesome windows and overlooks the backyard. It’s painted the same dull off-white color that all of the walls and ceilings in our house are painted. Seriously. Someone came through here before we bought it and painted every. wall. and. ceiling. in. every. room. the same color. It was charming at first, but after almost a year, we’re ready for some color.

Check it out:

The doorway leading into the study from the 3rd bedroom.

The study, full of boxes. See that one on the floor there? There’s a big blow-up four leaf clover in it. So if you find yourself wanting a gigantic four-leaf clover, I’m your girl.

A good shot of the boxes (and my arm). Can you guess which of the paint samples we chose? You’ll have to wait and see…

The light fixture. We’ve got a bunch of old, retro-ish light fixtures in the house, and I intend to get rid of most of them. This one can stay, though. I kind of like it.

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