there are rooms in our house that are not our bathroom

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By this point, I’ve talked so much about our lovely bathroom remodel-in-progress that I’m sure you’re all wondering: is that it?  Don’t they have other rooms in their house?

Or maybe you are not wondering that, and that is fine.  But in my crazy little head, while scraping wallpaper off of the dining room walls for 5 hours today, that is what I imagined you might say.

Anyways. The master bedroom was painted in our first week of country homeownership, and has been abandoned ever since.  I’ve got some big plans for the MB, but have been scurrying around picking out bathroom tile and whatnot, so they have not yet been realized.

Here are our bedroom “befores”:

And “afters” (or “in progress”):

Although you can’t tell from these photos, we I did paint the bedroom a brighter and prettier shade of blue (Dainty Oatlands Blue by Valspar).  If you remember, I wanted to paint the room navy, but in the end, you were right – it would have been too dark.  (Also?  The hubby said no, and I actually listenedFor once.)  I took this picture to prove that we did paint a brighter blue – the wall closest to Barley Dogg is our new blue, and the wall to the right is the old, faded blue.

The trim will stay a creamy off-white for now.  Not because we’re in love with it, but because our metal closet doors are a similar color, and because I’m not sure how to get at all that trim without painting the carpet (and I hate using painter’s tape or plastic/canvas).  We hope to eventually replace the carpet with wood and the metal closet doors with wood doors, and until then, we decided it would be best just to leave the creamy off-white.

You’ll also notice that we don’t have furniture to fill our new MB.  Our MB in our Minneapolis house was barely big enough to fit a bed and nightstand, and our current MB seems to have almost twice as much space!  We hope to purchase matching nightstands, a dresser or two, and maybe even a comfy little lounge chair.  I want to hang some light and breezy curtains – high and to the outside of the windows to make the windows appear bigger, of course, and then we’ll add some pictures.

And, on a totally unrelated note, I’m posting this cute little guy for Katie.  We’ve seen lots of little frogs and toads around our house recently, and they always manage to scare the crap out of me.  Monday, a little green tree frog decided to visit us and took a tour of our front hall.  Luckily, the plumber (who was attending to the upstairs bathroom plumbing) swooped in and saved the little guy, planting him safely on a bush outside.  Much to Jason’s disappointment, I did not capture a picture of the tree frog because I was too busy jumping up and down and squeeling like a girl forgot to bring my camera to the house that day.



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I think I might seriously need to paint our new bedroom navy blue.

Nicholas Hxaslam (via The Newlywed Diaries)

Love it, love it, love it.

(The only thing stopping me from committing to it is that if I hate it in our space, it’ll take several coats of paint to bring it back to a lighter/neutral color).

(before – during our tour of the house)

navy copy(after a terrible photoshop job – pretend the white stuff near the ceiling is crown molding, and that our furniture has replaced the old owners furniture, and that the door is white and the rug is gone.  That is a lot of pretend, but if you’re anything like me, you had two imaginary friends when you were little and can handle the pressure.  And yes, I should certainly be preparing for next week’s move and not sitting in front of Photoshop, attempting to finally learn how to work it, but… well… Photoshop is much more fun.)

What do you think?  With some new lights, new curtains, removal of the carpet to reveal the wood floors underneath, crown molding, and breezy light-colored bedding?  Could it work?  (Am I brave enough to try to make it work?)

Master Bedroom Ideas

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I have some exciting news for all of you:  Remember this sweet little house?  We have an accepted offer on it!  As long as the inspections don’t turn up anything too drastic, we’ll move in in 2 short weeks!

I’ve already started re-decorating the house in my head.  We’ve decided to do the master bedroom first, since that’s been the room that we’ve always done last.  Also?  It’s nice to get your clothing, bedding, toiletries, and other things that you use everyday organized shortly after moving somewhere new.

So, I thought I’d share a few pictures of bedrooms I love.

First up:  I love this clean and cheerful light-colored bedroom.  The soft yellow walls are really sweet.

(Martha Stewart)

Alternatively, this neutral light grey wall paired with a bright and fun duvet is also appealing.  If the walls were painted a light neutral color, I’d be able to easily change out the accent colors in the room (i.e., bedding, etc) if I ever get tired of them.

Porridge Clothing via Design Mom

This bedroom is sort of a compromise of the above – light green walls, paired with white bedding and bright accents!  Fun, bright, cheerful, and easy to change if/when I decide I need a change.

Apartment Therapy

Although, I think if we do put color (i.e., not white, grey, or beige) on the bedroom walls, it will likely be some shade of blue.

Flickr User xJavierx

I’ve been loving navy rooms, too.  Check out how clean and crisp the white bedding and mantle look against this inky blue.  I love it.  But would it make me feel like I was sleeping in a cave?  And if it did, would that be a bad thing?

Domino (via Bryn Alexandra)

And now, it’s your turn: what’s on your bedroom walls?  Do you love it?  If no, what would you love instead?

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