How we’re staying warm, Part 2: Basement Insulation

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Oh yes, I am back with the second part in our oh-so-exciting series about keeping the house warm. Fortunately, the temperatures around here have dramatically increased to a balmy 25 degrees (that’s like a 50-degree improvement over last week), so that helps a bit.

Anyways, today’s topic of interest: basement insulation. Riveting, no?

Shortly after moving in, we discovered that the area where the floor joists sit on the concrete basement walls was completely open (that space is officially called the “rim joist”). No insulation, just one layer of wood and some siding.

So we bought a bag of R-19 fiberglass insulation ($27), cut it up using a box cutter, and stuck it in between the floor joists. The whole project probably took 2-3 hours (I did half of it last winter, and finished the other half yesterday).

The worst part of the project was my paranoia about my skin touching the fiberglass and becoming a big, itchy rash. So I covered myself in an old sweatshirt, and rocked some work gloves and a mask. Lovely.

I’m not sure that it will make a huge impact on our heating bill, but it does seem to have cut down some of the draft coming up through the floors. It was a pretty quick, cheap, and easy project, so if it reduces our energy use even a little, or if it keeps us just the tiniest bit warmer, I think it’s worth it.


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