Bathroom Tile Ideas

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Now that the tub is in, the plumbing has been re-done, and the walls will be put back in place today, it’s almost time to tile! I’ve been searching the internet for a bit of subway/hex tile inspiration, and thought I’d share some of my favorites with you!

I like the floral border in this one, and how it coordinates with the stripe on the wall.  And actually, this color is reminiscent of our old toilet, sink, and tub.  If only we’d have found this tile job under the carpet that was glued to the walls – we would have polished it up and kept it all!

(From malamutechaos on Flickr)

And this picture makes me wish we had time to special-order light gray or blue tile for the bathroom.  I would sprinkle some of these flowery shapes throughout the bathroom floor.  But!  We’re still not living at the house, and at this point, we’re choosing readily available supplies over those that we’d have to wait for.

(From yecatsml on Flickr)

I love the border on this floor, too.  How cute is the little chain of flowers?

(From awnisALAN on Flickr)

I like this mix of flowers and dots.  Earlier today, I marked off a pattern like this for our bathroom, and Jason gave me a not gonna happen look.  So it might be back to the drawing board.

(From bitchcakesny on Flickr)

This bathroom showed up on Design Sponge as I was preparing this post.  I love the dotted border around the edge of the room.  I wonder if this counts as less elaborate and is therefore something that my husband would allow?  We’ve agreed on most things so far, but will be compromising on floor tile design, sink type (wall-mounted vs pedestal), and whether to insert a glass tile border near the edge of the white subway tile that we’ll be installing on the walls and bathtub.  Stay tuned as I put my powers of persuasion to work!

(From Design Sponge)


new white tub

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Over the weekend, we got out the crowbar and sledge hammer and continued destroying the bathroom.  It was awesome.  I took a hammer and crowbar to the walls, and Jason sledged out the tub.

We He also removed the toilet and vanity, and I pulled out the linoleum flooring.  Luckily, our walls and subfloor are in really great shape and shouldn’t require too much repair.  Yay for the previous owners using quality (albeit ugly) materials!

Yesterday, our plumber and contractor came out to install the tub and replace much of the in-the-walls plumbing.  It took 4 men to get the 350 lb cast iron tub that we purchased up the stairs, but I think it was worth it – this tub will last forever (or until the next owner takes a sledge hammer to it).

Our plumber had to raise the height of the shower and move some of the sink pipes to accommodate a new sink.  Tomorrow, we’ll have the light fixture raised about a foot (I think the previous owners must have been really short), and a few electrical outlets installed (there are none currently in the bathroom).  Then, it will be time to rebuild!

Bathing Beauty

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Tomorrow, this beauty will make it’s appearance at my house:


We’re in the midst of picking out tile (wall + flooring), toilet, sink, and faucets.  It’s fun, but also aggravating.  Who knew there would be 5 billion different toilets to choose from – each one with a different shape, water capacity, flush, and price point?

J and I will remove what little remains of the bathroom Friday and Saturday, and then we’ll begin to put it all back together on Monday (with help, of course!).

UPDATE (11:25pm): I just won this bathroom faucet on ebay for ~$100-200 less than list price. I am *thrilled*!

Bathroom Inspiration

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Now that we’ve completely torn apart the bathroom, it’s time to think about rebuilding.  I’m loving bright, airy, open spaces, especially since our bathroom seemed so tiny with the old shower doors, the too-big-for-the-space vanity, and the cupboard over the toilet.  Now that we’ve removed everything, the space feels much bigger, so our challenge is to keep it feeling big as we add new tile, vanity, shower curtain, and other bathroom goodies.

Here’s a few images of things I love:

(Apartment Therapy)

(Bryn Alexandra)

(Timothy Whealon via Decorology)

(Velvet and Linen)

(This Young House)

Our bathroom will likely end up being a combination of the above, and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

Now, I turn to you for advice: What are your sources for cheap, but awesome bathroom tile, sink, toilet, other goodies?  Does anyone know anything about re-glazing tubs or using an acrylic liner?  I met with a carpenter today that is willing to help us with the labor, but will allow us to purchase our own supplies, and to do some of the steps that we’re comfortable doing on our own.  He measured the tub, and it looks like our old 1960s tub is 3″ shorter than modern tubs, so getting in a new modern tub may be expensive, and we’re looking for alternatives.  Any suggestions/advice is appreciated!

bathroom oops.

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Remember when I said we decided to start with our master bedroom?  Well, the wallpaper border came down far too easily, and I wanted to see if the bathroom wallpaper would tear down just as easily.

In retrospect, that was either brilliant or incredibly stupid.

Here’s the bathroom before:

The wallpaper in the bathroom came down easily.  So easily, in fact, that I decided the carpet squares on the walls had to go, too.  And then, the cabinet, shower doors and plastic shower surround.

And, once we had those things down, it was easy enough to remove the remaining tile, lights, mirror, and fan.  Demo is too much fun!

Now we just have to figure out how to put it all back together (because we’ll be living at J’s apartment until our only shower is functional).  See?  Brilliant or seriously idiotic.

carpet in the bathroom

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Jason’s been out to our future home (1 week ’till closing!) a few times this week for inspections and whatnot.  Nothing major showed up, so it’s full speed ahead!

One fun little detail that I conveniently forgot to share with you when I gave you the house tour is that there’s carpet in the bathroom.  Only, it’s not where you’d expect it.  It’s on the walls. I kid you not.  Linoleum floors, carpeted walls. *cringe*

The half-bath downstairs sports a lovely navy blue carpet (and a sailboat themed toilet seat).

The upstairs (full) bath sports a lovely rose-colored pink wall carpet.

If anyone can explain this to me, I will give you a gold star.

Gotta love a fixer-upper.  (At least this one has a stove).

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