Bedroom #2

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Alright, you know the routine by now.

A glimpse of the before:


And the after:

Better.  The bed is now sporting the beautiful quilt that my mom, aunt, and grandma made for my bridal shower.  And that picture above the bed?  Yep… it’s a Jen original.

Next to the bed is this big old dresser that I refurbished a few years ago.  I have a few framed pictures of my family’s awesome trip to the Baltic states (when can we go again?  Soon, please!).  And the apothecary jar (reused from our Christmas decor and the candy bar at our wedding) is filled with postcards from some of my adventures.

Keeping up with our little travel-theme, Jason hung this poster that we got in San Juan while there on business.  Tough business meeting, I know…

A view from the hallway…

And this staging make-over cost us a grand total of $0.  This makes me happy – gotta save our pennies for the new home in Michigan…

I also thought I would mention that Barley’s head is looking much better – thanks for all the kind words.  We pulled the stitches out yesterday and bathed him…  He wasn’t too thrilled about it (see picture below in which Jason grabs him to put him in the bath and he looks absolutely terrified), but I am so so so happy to get rid of that yucky doggy smell that’s been lingering around him and his blankies for the past few days/week.  I bet nothing would excite potential home buyers less than yucky doggy smell.


Barley’s Bite

March 19, 2009 at 5:35 pm | Posted in Barley | 13 Comments

We have the dirtiest dog on the planet.

Knowing that we’d need to clean the bathroom soon anyways, we thought we’d take him to the dog park, get him tired and uber-dirty, and then bathe him.  The dog park was almost completely mud (thank goodness I wore my fake wellies), and Barley had such a great time running around in the mud, dirt, and sand with the other doggies.

Until… he got eaten by an Irish Wolfhound.  I know you’re all, “how does a big 75-lb dog like Barley get eaten?” but if you’ve ever seen an Irish Wolfhound, you’d understand.  Biggest. Dogs. Ever.  (and I am told that they are usually very nice, friendly dogs.  this particular dog may have been an exception to the rule, though – he’s been reported for biting other dogs before, and we’ve seen him act aggressively towards other dogs on a few different occasions.)

Barley approached to sniff, the other dog lunged, growled, and bit, and Barley ran away.  (The other dog was on a leash – a big no-no for an off-leash dog park, but it may have been good in this case).

Surprisingly, (or maybe not surprisingly, given the thickness of Barley’s head) he seemed totally unaware that another dog had just walked away with a piece of his scalp.

2 hours, $359, and 6 stitches and a shunt later, we brought our anesthetized doggy home.  And, let’s just say that 75 lbs of anesthetized doggy is NOT easy to get into the car, much less the house, or pretty much anywhere else you’d want to bring him.  And the fact that he is uber-pathetic with blood dripping down the side of his face and the saddest periodic whines that you’ve ever heard does NOT make him any lighter.

Being the super-amazing and wonderful doggy mama that I am, I set up a little nest for him in the sun while he recovered.  And it took him the rest of the evening to recover.  It was so sad to see him not be able to walk properly!  And to hear his little whines!  Poor guy!

His behavior is back to normal, and the vet said that everything looked good during his check-up yesterday.  We’ll probably remove his stitches next week.  And then, if his cut is healed, maybe we’ll finally be able to bathe our dirty dirty doggy!  Cross your fingers, please, because I love him, but he is really starting to stink.

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