Bathroom Tile Ideas

June 10, 2009 at 8:10 am | Posted in Inspiration, Our Full Bathroom | 6 Comments

Now that the tub is in, the plumbing has been re-done, and the walls will be put back in place today, it’s almost time to tile! I’ve been searching the internet for a bit of subway/hex tile inspiration, and thought I’d share some of my favorites with you!

I like the floral border in this one, and how it coordinates with the stripe on the wall.  And actually, this color is reminiscent of our old toilet, sink, and tub.  If only we’d have found this tile job under the carpet that was glued to the walls – we would have polished it up and kept it all!

(From malamutechaos on Flickr)

And this picture makes me wish we had time to special-order light gray or blue tile for the bathroom.  I would sprinkle some of these flowery shapes throughout the bathroom floor.  But!  We’re still not living at the house, and at this point, we’re choosing readily available supplies over those that we’d have to wait for.

(From yecatsml on Flickr)

I love the border on this floor, too.  How cute is the little chain of flowers?

(From awnisALAN on Flickr)

I like this mix of flowers and dots.  Earlier today, I marked off a pattern like this for our bathroom, and Jason gave me a not gonna happen look.  So it might be back to the drawing board.

(From bitchcakesny on Flickr)

This bathroom showed up on Design Sponge as I was preparing this post.  I love the dotted border around the edge of the room.  I wonder if this counts as less elaborate and is therefore something that my husband would allow?  We’ve agreed on most things so far, but will be compromising on floor tile design, sink type (wall-mounted vs pedestal), and whether to insert a glass tile border near the edge of the white subway tile that we’ll be installing on the walls and bathtub.  Stay tuned as I put my powers of persuasion to work!

(From Design Sponge)



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  1. I like the dotted border the best followed by the third one with the chain of flowers. I think the simplicity of the dotted border is nice. Are you doing the tile yourself? I forget what you said about that. Good luck with your decision!

  2. must be from spending a few formadable years at 7220 w center st. Same tile paterns (Pink too).

  3. Did you realize that first picture looks like our upstairs bathroom in the 97th St. house? Maybe that is why you like it… Be careful inserting color into permanent aspects of the house; you don’t want to remake the tile every 5 years. (Also, I have grown really sick of the green in our master bath but have no way of changing it (short of a complete do-over which will not happen any time soon!)

  4. Yeah, I agree with your mother. Stick with white tiles and then add other decorative touches with things less permanent.

  5. I like the last picture of tile the best! I’d stick with something simpler, maybe even just the basic white. It definitely gives the room the old look. Another plus is you can redecorate whenever you want and it’ll always go.

  6. hey, this looks really familiar… here’s our tile 🙂

    Bathroom floor tiles

    it’s REALLY tough to find this solid color, matte finish tile… unless you actually print your own money 🙂

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