Bathing Beauty

June 3, 2009 at 7:18 pm | Posted in Our Full Bathroom | 6 Comments

Tomorrow, this beauty will make it’s appearance at my house:


We’re in the midst of picking out tile (wall + flooring), toilet, sink, and faucets.  It’s fun, but also aggravating.  Who knew there would be 5 billion different toilets to choose from – each one with a different shape, water capacity, flush, and price point?

J and I will remove what little remains of the bathroom Friday and Saturday, and then we’ll begin to put it all back together on Monday (with help, of course!).

UPDATE (11:25pm): I just won this bathroom faucet on ebay for ~$100-200 less than list price. I am *thrilled*!



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  1. It’s the prettiest tub I’ve seen all day! By the way, I think black & white is a great idea- easy to coordinate items with.

  2. We had similar toilet dilemmas. In our basement bathroom we went mainly on price/MaP score (800+ if you want a good flush!). One factor we didn’t consider fully for the toilet was bowl size and the toilet we got ended up having a kind of small bowl (American Standard Cadet 3). If you like Kohler, we found the Archer to be a good value with a good sized bowl and MaP score (800).

  3. Get the Kohler Toilet, comfort height with the elongated bowl.
    Could read the paper all day on that thing and not get shit house polio.
    (when you sit for so long you’re legs go numb) And whose butt does not get bigger with age. Have fun putting the bathroom back together. Ask Jackie about our bathroom remodel in Tosa. Hope the same doesn’t happen to you.

    • I would say that Unk B’s reason for the elongated bowl is the precise reason why you SHOULD NOT get the bigger bowl! Who needs a husband “reading” for hours? The bathroom (and your environment) is better off being outfitted for short visits only!

  4. Ooh! Can’t wait to see the finished product!! I’m sure it’s going to look fab!

  5. I love ebay! Good find on the faucet!

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