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May 28, 2009 at 9:22 pm | Posted in Inspiration, Our Full Bathroom | 7 Comments

Now that we’ve completely torn apart the bathroom, it’s time to think about rebuilding.  I’m loving bright, airy, open spaces, especially since our bathroom seemed so tiny with the old shower doors, the too-big-for-the-space vanity, and the cupboard over the toilet.  Now that we’ve removed everything, the space feels much bigger, so our challenge is to keep it feeling big as we add new tile, vanity, shower curtain, and other bathroom goodies.

Here’s a few images of things I love:

(Apartment Therapy)

(Bryn Alexandra)

(Timothy Whealon via Decorology)

(Velvet and Linen)

(This Young House)

Our bathroom will likely end up being a combination of the above, and I can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

Now, I turn to you for advice: What are your sources for cheap, but awesome bathroom tile, sink, toilet, other goodies?  Does anyone know anything about re-glazing tubs or using an acrylic liner?  I met with a carpenter today that is willing to help us with the labor, but will allow us to purchase our own supplies, and to do some of the steps that we’re comfortable doing on our own.  He measured the tub, and it looks like our old 1960s tub is 3″ shorter than modern tubs, so getting in a new modern tub may be expensive, and we’re looking for alternatives.  Any suggestions/advice is appreciated!



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  1. Home Depot! You can’t go wrong with the getting the materials there!

    • Oh and IDEA too!

  2. We just finished a bathroom where we got most of the materials at home depot. One thing we noticed (here in Canada anyways…) is that the specialty tile store seemed to be cheaper for basic tiles like subway tiles. Also, don’t be scared of e-bay. We found a $270 faucet for about 1/3 the cost on e-bay.

    Looking at the inspiration pics you’ve got, you might also like doorsixteen’s bathroom: .

    Good luck with your reno!

  3. White and light will keep the space “feeling big”. I still think since you are this far along, sledge the tub and put in a new one. The inserts always “look” like an insert and the reglazing you may be happy with or you may not (I have seen some that really look awful). You could go to a curved front soaker tub with the steam option (make sure the fan in the vent works and works well, mold sucks :0)
    Here is your first “pool”
    and steam system…
    HURRY… guests are coming!

  4. Home Depot for toilets-nobody really studies your toilet design anyway and go for the round instead of elongated bowl since the elongated takes up more room. If you want to do inserts or glazing, talk to Teresa. She may be able to tell you how well some of that stuff has held up in the apartments. We have been doing those things for years now. has a lot of brand name sinks and fixtures that can be ordered at much cheaper prices, even when you pay for shipping!

  5. There is a “designer direct” place located around the country (US). No it is not that Direct Buy place where you have to drop a down payment on a car to get “better” pricing. If you e-mail me I can send it to you. I left it at work. If you really want to keep a tub, check out some of the salvage places in your area or find a re-glazer that guarantees their work for at least 5 years. Otherwise, why not a larger shower? You can find shower floors in many sizes, try Swanstone for a floor. Just make sure that you get a quality toilet, and quality faucets as those are the worst when they go unexpectedly. Congrats on the new house by the way!

  6. On the contrary Home Depot has faucets and fixtures and all the materials to make over a bathroom including tiles and they offer design ideas for every area of the house.

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