finished (for now) banker’s chair

May 18, 2009 at 8:45 pm | Posted in Antiques, During, Furniture, Projects | 9 Comments

Over the weekend, I puta few coats of polyurethane on my old banker’s chair, and then I managed to put all of the pieces back together.  I am pretty proud of myself, so now I’m going to share a million pictures with you.  It still needs a seat (obviously) and is missing casters on the bottom, but those will have to wait until after the big move.

What do you think?  A little bit better than this (the before), right?



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  1. You’re my idol!

  2. Wow! It looks great and I can really picture some of those fabrics we saw at JoAnn’s last week finishing off the seat. Does it move as smooth as the mechanisms look?

    • I know! Some cute beige/light blue striped fabric would look cute. Guess I have an excuse to pick some up after all!

      And it does move really smoothly. So much better than before!

  3. Looks awesome!! Can’t wait to see what you do with the seat!

  4. It’s so beautiful! I wish I had the skill and time to do such rewarding projects like this!

  5. new job as you move to Kzoo… there are a ton of old pieces of furniture and antique stores in Mich. Start collecting and have a little work shop in the barn right next to Jasons beer brewing.

    Break Point Brewery and Jen’s antiques!

    • I like your Dad’s idea! Start a little cottage industry with your talent.
      The chair really looks great!

  6. Jen, awesome job with this bankers chair restoration, I am currently restoring a similar chair with the same tilt, swivel mechanism can you please send a picture of the back side of the tilt tensioning mechanism. Thanks!

  7. Hello. I was recently given a chair exactly like this. It has a 1927 date on the bottom. I am in the process of restoring and have purchased the woven came to go in the seat. My question to you is…”was there padding between the cane and the leather covering”. The chair I received just had a replacement material directly over the cane.
    It has been puzzling to me why they would cover the caning, so I have been searching the web for examples where this was done. I was pleased to find that you had the exact same chair.

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