carpet in the bathroom

May 15, 2009 at 5:23 pm | Posted in Before, Our 1/2 Bath, Our Full Bathroom, Our Home, Projects | 7 Comments

Jason’s been out to our future home (1 week ’till closing!) a few times this week for inspections and whatnot.  Nothing major showed up, so it’s full speed ahead!

One fun little detail that I conveniently forgot to share with you when I gave you the house tour is that there’s carpet in the bathroom.  Only, it’s not where you’d expect it.  It’s on the walls. I kid you not.  Linoleum floors, carpeted walls. *cringe*

The half-bath downstairs sports a lovely navy blue carpet (and a sailboat themed toilet seat).

The upstairs (full) bath sports a lovely rose-colored pink wall carpet.

If anyone can explain this to me, I will give you a gold star.

Gotta love a fixer-upper.  (At least this one has a stove).



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  1. First thought: mold. Second: was this house on “trading spaces?” Third: perhaps it’s insulation. Fourth: clearly, these people were insane.

  2. As Amy said. They had to be insane. Or using an illegal substance.

  3. It has been a while since pink toilets and tubs were around!
    It would skeeve me out just knowing how old they are!
    As far as carpet, it brings to mind our first house, which had carpet in every room -including both bathrooms and kitchen!
    Good luck in the next week; I hope everything goes smoothly!

  4. Uh, hello? Have you ever tried to wash walls? It doesn’t work; spots remain or you make new spots where you moistened the old spots. Now, carpeting only requires vacuuming and affords a softer impact when you fall asleep on the toilet! (D. 😉

  5. AHhhh Mom… only happened once!

  6. My thought was you wouldn’t crack your head open on tile if you fell asleep while sitting and thinking! (not really believing anyone would do that) D(:!

  7. OK, I think that the carpet is just a VERY convenient way of getting out of washing towels….think of the ease of jumping out of the shower and drying off on the wall…never again will you have to worry if you have clean hand towels for guests in the downstairs bathroom AND the idea is totally green. Think of the soap and energy you are saving by not washing towels. BRILLIANT idea. I say leave it!

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