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I think I might seriously need to paint our new bedroom navy blue.

Nicholas Hxaslam (via The Newlywed Diaries)

Love it, love it, love it.

(The only thing stopping me from committing to it is that if I hate it in our space, it’ll take several coats of paint to bring it back to a lighter/neutral color).

(before – during our tour of the house)

navy copy(after a terrible photoshop job – pretend the white stuff near the ceiling is crown molding, and that our furniture has replaced the old owners furniture, and that the door is white and the rug is gone.  That is a lot of pretend, but if you’re anything like me, you had two imaginary friends when you were little and can handle the pressure.  And yes, I should certainly be preparing for next week’s move and not sitting in front of Photoshop, attempting to finally learn how to work it, but… well… Photoshop is much more fun.)

What do you think?  With some new lights, new curtains, removal of the carpet to reveal the wood floors underneath, crown molding, and breezy light-colored bedding?  Could it work?  (Am I brave enough to try to make it work?)



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  1. My bedroom is blue (not quite navy, but getting there) with white plantation shutters and woodwork–I love it!

  2. Go for it! It is quite dramatic! Does Jason get input on that or is he colorblind like most men?

  3. I think it might work but bear in mind the wood floor could make the room darker looking than the white carpet in the photo. The amount of natural light coming into the room will be important too. The photo has those large patio doors, otherwise it might feel like a cave. But if it doesn’t work, you love to paint, right?

  4. It might be a bit dark. That first picture has a huge door/window that lights up the room. It might work though.

  5. I definitely think you could pull it off! I’m loving the inky blue! I’m thinking about a blue accent wall w/ a mostly-white office..

  6. Jackie and I tried a blue color in our bedroom and it made the room feel really cold…..we replaced with a warm terra-cotta color….Luv It!!!

  7. No.

  8. I love Jasons comment! Maybe you could talk him into a French or Dutch blue. Whoever said it might be to dark with your lighting may be right. We have three large windows and wood floors and a French blue and everyone comments on how beautiful it is. As you know I painted an old chest deep red to pick up a color in the bed spread and it is a nice contrast. I also mention that the wood floors are very light. You sure don’t want to get depressed by living in a cave! I know you’ll work it out and it will be beautiful!

  9. did you notice the small can lights (possibly leds???) in the ceiling of the navy room pics? this would be a good (really GOOD) option for the 3 lights currently.

  10. […] bedroom a brighter and prettier shade of blue (Dainty Oatlands Blue by Valspar). If you remember, I wanted to paint the room navy, but in the end, you were right – it would have been too dark. (Also? The hubby said no, and […]

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