the city bids me adieu

May 8, 2009 at 6:13 pm | Posted in Miscellaneous, Moving | 4 Comments

A few weeks ago, I thought I quit my job.  The conversation went like this:

Me: I am getting kicked out of my house Memorial Day.  I’m just going to make that my last week and anything I need to finish up can be done via email.  Okay?

Boss: Hmm.  Let’s think about that.

Me (in my head): I’ve thought about it!  I’m outta here!

Anyways, I made it final today, sealed the deal in writing and all of that.  It’s weird thinking that in exactly 2 weeks I will be unemployed.  But don’t you worry – I have millions of brainstorms about what I can do with all of that spare time that I’ll have.  Like, finding a new job.  Unpacking boxes.  Finishing up things from my current job.  Writing a book chapter.  Crafting.  Painting my new house.  Starting my own business.  Blogging about all of it, or at least the (somewhat) interesting parts.

I got a speeding ticket the other day.  My first one in 10 years.  Boo.  It’s strange, because I usually drive the speed limit.  I swear.

Also?  I woke up to some “suspicious activity” last night, which I can only assume is some serious car-to-car drug dealing (at least, I hope it’s not anything worse than that).  And, yes, it took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out that a bunch of teenagers/young adults hanging out by/in cars at midnight, and then driving around the block to return 2 minutes later was probably not normal.  And, no, I have no clue what the make/model/license on the cars was, nor would I have clear descriptions of those involved.  Because I am near-sighted and didn’t have my glasses nearby and was too freaked out to move, much less to go down to the living room to get them.

My fuzzy security system was sawing logs on the floor next to the bed.  He didn’t move once.  I was not comforted by that.

I am totally chalking this one up to the city preparing me to leave.  Because, until last night, I was still feeling a bit weepy about leaving this city that I have grown to love over the 6 years that I’ve lived here.  Yep, unpleasant social security office trip + speeding ticket + suspicious activity = see ya!

Now, though?  I’m just a bit more ready to join my husband in Michigan, where I will *officially* become a country girl.



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  1. are you getting a heard of cows? sheep, bison, lammas for your farmette? “Country girl” how funny…..

  2. its ok!!! From what i hear country girls are great fun to hang around with, and well if that’s not true, then you and I will have A LOT more in common than we already do…just come visit me in Montana for a while and you will really see what a country (cow) girl looks like 😉

  3. Yeah, it’s best you go hang out with Jason in Michigan, but we’ll still miss you. Even the coyotes had to come up close to say good bye!

    PS. Let Jason know that as soon as he gets the barn/guest room finished, we’ll be over for a visit! What an incentive! HA HA HA 🙂

  4. So excited for you! So.. will there be a blog name change?

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