a weekend of things we don’t usually do

May 3, 2009 at 9:23 pm | Posted in Silly | 6 Comments

alternatively titled: why it is not fun to live 4 states away from your husband.

I really wanted pesto on my pasta tonight.

I couldn’t unscrew the lid.  I was really hungry and even a little hangry*.  Thank goodness there happened to be a needle nose pliers nearby.  This was one of those times when I was NOT loving living on my own (also?  one of those times I was psyched to have tools laying around the kitchen).

You’ve already read about how I single-handedly defeated the water heater.  This weekend, I also cleaned the garage, mowed the lawn, and played with tools (I’ll show you what I did tomorrow!).  All-in-all, it was all sorts of fun with things I usually don’t deal with because I usually make Jason do these sorts of “boy jobs” (I would much rather stick with laundry and vacuuming).

Barley thought he’d contribute to the fun by doing a few things that he’s never done.

First, he dug a hole.  (He’s not usually a digger).

This wouldn’t have been noteworthy, except that he kept sticking his head down in the hole and sniffing.  It was pretty funny (which is why I got out the camera instead of yelling at him for digging holes in my garden).

A few minutes and a bit of scampering later, Barley introduced me to his new friend.  He tried to get the little guy to run around and play with him, but the little guy just laid there, so Barley lost interest.  Then, I got to dispose of the little guy – another piece of fun I would likely not have partook in had Jason been here.

Yep.  3 weeks of long-distance marriage down.  Hopefully we’ve only got 3 more to go!

*hungry + angry = hangry



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  1. Well, I gotta hand it to you for being resourceful. But I seriously could have gone without seeing that last picture. Bleck! 🙂

  2. Ha! So proud of you! Have I mentioned that I love your dog?

  3. Aw, sweet Barley! He was trying to make you feel better about the pesto by bringing you a gift.

    Hang in there…you guys will be reunited soon! 🙂

  4. Just grab a shovel and fling it over the fence. I’m sure Cosmo would love a dead mouse. I can only imagine Kevin’s reaction. He’d jump so high, his moobs would hit him in the face.

  5. You’re just jealous because mine are bigger than yours. Keep your vermin to yourself!

  6. […] just want to note that we do not suspect Barley Dogg of such activities, even though he’s caught a mouse before – primarily because he’s been stalking the chipmunk that lives under the deck for the […]

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