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April 28, 2009 at 8:48 pm | Posted in Moving | 7 Comments

I am generally distrusting of movers.

I am always a little concerned that they’re going to lose or break something.  Not that I have a lot of things that are of high monetary value – I am much more concerned about those items with serious sentimental value.  Most other things can be replaced.

Before departing for Michigan last week, I loaded the car full of all sorts of goodies.  I was pretty happy with the amount of things I managed to fit in the car.  Jason was less than happy about the actual contents of the car.  He understood the box of old tax records.  He was okay with the boxes of photo albums.  He nearly lost it when I pulled out a medium-sized tupperware container filled with the Christmas ornaments that I’ve accumulated since I was a baby.

Anyways, I thought I’d share a few other sentimental favorites that Jason has no use for I insisted on hand-delivering to Michigan.

A pale pink platter from my Great-Grandma (apparently, I asked for it when I was a little girl, and my Grandma kept it safe until I was big enough to have it):

Polka-dot juice glasses, also from my Great-Grandma:

The toasting flutes JT and I used on our wedding day (I love the little bows on them):

This cute little vase also came from my Great-Grandma:

And the awesome quilt made for my wedding shower by my aunt, my mom, and my grandma:

And now?  I want to hear about YOUR favorite things?  What sentimental goodies are hiding in your closets?



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  1. Please tell Jason that his mother did not raise him to be like that! As I told you before, the drawings and papers(from my children) that I had been saving were only one of the things lost in one of our moves.Make sure you take inventory of the boxes even if you don’t have time to unpack them.
    The material things I care most about would be anything that once belonged to my parents or had been given to me by a family member( even my apparently un-sentimental son).

    • I will tell him! I think you and I are probably equally sentimental, so I know you understand.

      I think Jason was just mad that I didn’t bring more boxes of pint glasses – I think he is mostly sentimental about those. But I wasn’t going to fit 20 boxes of glasses in a Camry, nor did I want to haul them all up from the basement! 🙂

      • I’m surprised he didn’t ask about his baseball cards!

  2. I love those little juice glasses!! So cute! I think once we finally settle down in our own place for longer than ~9 months, I’ll get attached to something, but not yet! 🙂

  3. I’m guessing that Barley is not allowed on the bed at all.

    • Nope, no Barley on the bed… There’s just no room for him + 2 adults. He’s happy to sleep right next to the bed, though, and to wake me up by nudging me with his nose or licking my arm!

  4. I have been cleaning the attic and you would not believe the old sentimental stuff up there. When I get it all lined up you’ll have to come and see what else you want. Haley caught me up there yesterday and she got real excited about some of it. I think I’ll have everybody put their name on what they like and then divide it up. A lot of it is over 100 yrs. old.

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