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April 27, 2009 at 9:12 pm | Posted in Family, Michigan, Moving | 6 Comments

Barley and I skipped town Wednesday afternoon shortly before our home’s next owner arrived to show her family around.  This is worth mentioning because it marks the last time I’ll have to open my house to strangers.  No more making the bed with the 15 pillows my Realtor suggested were necessary to make it fluffy and fun!  No more hiding the unsightly dish rack under the sink!  No more stashing my toothbrush in the drawer before rushing off to work!  Yay!

We rolled into the Milwaukee area late Wednesday night, said hi to the fam, and hit the hay.  We were really tired.

Thursday, brother Trevor and I met my mom at the hospital and visited with my grandma for a little while.  She’s doing as well as someone who has been in the hospital for the past 2 months could do… we joked a little, talked about family/my move/Jason’s job, and decided what she should eat (and if anyone can tell me what lasagna rolls are or why a hospital would think that hospital-style Mahi Mahi would be an appealing choice, you get 10,000 points).  Anyways, it seems like everything with my grandma’s health is back and forth – forward 2 steps, back 1.  So, if you wanted to keep her in your prayers for a while longer, that would be sweet.  And, if you wanted to say a few words for my mom and aunt who have been staying with my Grandma, and for the rest of my family, that would be nice too.

My next stop was Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Jason took me to dinner at Fandago, where we had really good Tapas, and then we headed over to the Wine Loft for a drink.  Both places were quite swanky and delicious.  One of Jason’s colleagues plays in a jazz trio Thursday nights at the Wine Loft, and it was fantastic.  My favorite was the jazz version of Vanilla Ice’s Ice, Ice Baby.  So cool.  Also cool was that the Wine Loft is smoke-free.  (So far, my biggest complaint about Kalamazoo is that smoking is not banned from restaurants/bars).  After an hour or so at the Wine Loft, we headed over to the 411 Club to harass Jason’s boss watch Jason’s boss play jazz piano.  Somehow, shots were ordered and I spent most of the day Friday paying for that decision.  Ouch.  (who do I think I am? I am clearly not in college anymore, and you would have thought I learned that lesson 2 weeks ago.)

I spent Friday with our MI Realtor, looking at a whole bunch of houses that I will not be purchasing.  Friday evening, we caved and bought a TV for Jason’s apartment.  I was particularly excited that the friendly Best Buy salesman gave me a 10% discount when I asked for one – no coupon or anything!  I am insanely proud of myself, and will be using this technique for all major future purchases.  Jason was only slightly embarrassed.

We ate at the Hangar Bar & Grill, an airplane-themed bar with a mean pizza and great fries.  Then, back to the apartment to watch movies on the new TV.

Saturday was more house-hunting, tv-watching, and generally just being lazy.  We picked up soccer cleats and shinguards for Jason, who will be playing in his employer’s soccer league this spring.  I love that he’s working for a company that sponsors such cool events for its employees.  It’s so interesting to see how different things are when one is employed by a large company compared with a small company.  I’m not sure whether any of Jason’s previous employers could have fielded ONE soccer team, let alone an entire LEAGUE of teams.

Saturday night was eat-in night with more tv-watching.  Sunday was more of the same – lazy, lazy, lazy.  And then, it was time to start the long drive back.

I left early enough to have dinner with my parents and brother Trevor – the last 2 times I visited, I was only around for a few wakeful hours, so I thought it would be nice to have dinner and real conversations with them.

I made my return trip to MN this morning – tired of driving, sad about missing my husband, and totally anxious about missing work and quitting my job.  But!  We’re here safe and sound, and that is something to be thankful for.



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  1. I think it’s wonderful that Barley can take over some of the driving for you!

  2. I know why you got the discount!!! your name is JEN!!! DUH!! 😉 Plus, I doubt he’s ever seen somebody so attractive in this little town–he was flirting with you and trying to get ANY advantage over Jason that he could..and the discount was the only way a small town guy like him could catch your eye.

    • That is totally not the case – he didn’t appear to be interested in women.

      But, you’re right. I did probably get the AWESOME JEN discount. How often do you get the AWESOME JEN discount in Fargo?

  3. Funny, your dad also gets embarrassed when I act cheap like that but I think they are secretly jealous of our ability to save money and spend money all at the same time!

    • Oh my gosh. It’s funny that you say that, because I told Jason that if I was with my dad, he would be mortified, but that you would be proud of my money-saving-while-spending attempts!!

  4. HA!I am not mortified in any way shape or form, again you are both “imposing your thoughts and views” upon me. It is the manor, timing and approach that is different from mine….

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