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April 21, 2009 at 7:25 pm | Posted in Moving | 6 Comments

Jason called me from the driveway of this house this evening (before even walking into the house) to announce that he had found our next home.

I’m playing hooky tomorrow and Friday to check it out. Shh!  Don’t tell.

(Also, playing hooky is really stressful for me.  I have 200 hours of sick time and never use the time because I feel bad about calling out of work – even when I truly am sick.  Its ridiculous, especially when no one will actually have to cover for me – I just have to make up the work that I’m not doing this week at a later date and time.  Does anyone else have this problem?)

Anyways, I will be calling these “mental health days” and that seems to make it more appropriate for me to use sick time.  I’ll get some good R&R with the family and the hubby and return to work refreshed.  Right?

I hope to at least get a decent night’s sleep.  As easy as it should be sleeping solo in a queen bed with only one snorer in the room (ahem, Barley), I am finding it incredibly difficult.  I like to wake up -terrified- in the middle of the night, imagining someone has broken into my house and is coming to get me.  Then, I map out escape routes (how long would it really take me to open that storm window and climb out onto the roof?  Could I jump from the roof without breaking anything?  Then what?  Why isn’t Barley waking up to take care of this?).  Paranoia to the max.  Seriously. Does anyone else do this or should I go seek professional help (or maybe just move to Michigan already)?

Anyways, this weekend.  I’ll be visiting my Grandma (who still needs your prayers for healing), checking out my mom’s new digital SLR camera and lenses, visiting with little brother Trevor and trying to make him look bad so that I can be the favorite child again, and spending some time with that one guy that I married 6 months ago and now live 4 states away from.



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  1. From the small, blurry picture, it looks like a charming home. Is it on a decent chunk of land like you wanted? Hopefully you two can find a house soon and not be separated for so long. I have a hard time sleeping without my wife for one night let alone months!

  2. Jason scares me( I know you’re an adult but I will never stop thinking cautious Mother thoughts).
    This will, hopefully and finally, be the house you two will be living in for a long time and I feel like he’s in too much of a hurry to find a place . Anyway, good luck. Have a great time in Michigan, Jen. Please give your grandmother our best wishes!

  3. I think you have a lot on your mind, Jen and that’s why you can’t sleep.There is no need for professional help. You probably go to sleep with your mind racing with all that needs to be done so your brain is playing tricks on you.

  4. Don’t move so fast. It’s a new town and you don’t know it,the neighborhoods,amenities,and other stuff. Rent for six months or a year and get the feel of the situation you are in. You don’t need to crowd yourselves and throw more stress into your new change of life style. Get on your feet and get your breath. If Grandma and I ever go south or SW(more likely) We would rent for at least a season B4 even thinking about buying. It really doesn’t cost more to rent for a short time and you made two hurry up and expensive moves already trying to avoid paying rent.
    Lov ya guys,

  5. Oooh! Take lots of pix of the possible new home!! And if I had to sleep alone every night I’d do the exact same ting!! You’re not crazy!

  6. About playing hooky making you stressed out ~ that’s called “having a conscience” and a good work ethic. I agree with Grandpa 100%. There are so many factors to consider, especially if you may start a family there. How far away are the playmates? Do the kids have to ride a bus a long time? Do you like the school they will go to? And most important….how far away is the nearest grocery store! With that said, the house looks like it is in a really nice setting. The garage might seem far away in the winter snow storms! I can see the first remodel right away: Bigger windows? or just more of them… How does Jason like his job? Haven’t heard a word about it.

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