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April 17, 2009 at 7:33 pm | Posted in Moving | 6 Comments

I have fantastic news.

We sold BOTH of our houses today.  (yep, we had TWO houses for sale in this crazy economy)

You’ve heard almost exclusively about our MN house, which has been “acquired” by the relocation company.  Meaning, if all goes well with the mold remediation on Monday, we’re done worrying about this house.  Even if the buyer backs out, or requests repairs, we don’t have to deal with it.  We get our check as soon as the mold goes away.

Our other house is a charming little bungalow in Lexington, Kentucky.  You haven’t heard as much about this one because I try to pretend it doesn’t exist and that I don’t have to pay the bills on a house I can’t use.  Once upon a time, in 2006, I took a job in Lexington.  Jason said he’d come with, but he was sick of moving and we’d have to live in Kentucky for AT LEAST 5 years.  So we bought the cutest little bungalow ever.

Nine months later, he left me for a job in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Is anyone sensing a theme here?

Check this out:

  • June, 2003 we meet at a conference
  • August, 2003 we fall in love and officially begin dating, even though J lives in North Carolina and I live in Minnesota
  • August, 2004 J moves to Minnesota and lives in the world’s most disgusting apartment ever
  • January, 2005 J moves in with me.  Big scandal, especially at the Easter brunch table when my grandma innocently asks about my roommate
  • September, 2006 We move to our little bungalow in Kentucky
  • July, 2007 J moves back to Minnesota and lives in a 200 sq ft apartment near downtown St. Paul
  • October, 2007 I move back to Minnesota and stay at the luxurious, decadent B&B owned by my aunt and uncle (okay, it’s not really a B&B, and I owe them big time)
  • December, 2007 We move to our current MN house
  • October, 2008 we’re married!
  • April, 2009 J moves to Michigan
  • ??, 2009 Jen follows

So all in all – that’s 1 year apart, 3 years together, 6 months apart, 1.5 together, 2-6 months apart.

At least the intervals are getting smaller.  Maybe sometime soon a weekend away is all Jason will need.  Or maybe sometime soon, he will just love his job and we will stop moving.  In fact, rumor has it, he loves his job now.  I hope writing about it won’t jinx it.  Because I’m done with all of this moving nonsense.

End tangent.

Anyways, the main point is that WE SOLD OUR LITTLE BUNGALOW today.  Although I am not happy about the purchase price, I am *THRILLED* to not have to worry about taking care of a house that I can’t live in anymore.  The offer was contingent on nothing, and we can close as early as Tuesday (4 short days from now!). And now, pictures:

The kitchen was newly remodeled and actually had a stove.  I love the orange color that we painted on the walls…

The backyard was awesome, huge, and completely secluded from our neighbors.

Bye, bye little house…



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  1. Woo-hoo! Are the stars finally aligned in your favor? I am so excited for you I can’t even say. I’m keeping my fingers(and toes) crossed that everything goes as planned. Good luck!

  2. Score!! That’s the best news! However, your timeline might be a tad bit off…he moved to Michigan in April 2008?

    • oops! Maybe it’s not good to blog while exhausted?!

  3. YEAHH!!!! I am so happy for you for selling both of your houses!!! ..although I am a little miffed at the fact that I will no longer be able to inherit the MN house through the family heirloom. hmmm…

  4. Yayyy!! That’s so exciting!! Congrats on both!

  5. Yeah! Good for you guys, you are now “homeless”. The new job sounds great, the new city looks cute and the new apartment looks big enough for relatives to drop by for a month or two (just kidding Jason, a week to ten days would probably be enough). 🙂
    PS…Jason, if you have a spare minute, I’d like some tourist info on Philadelphia, we’re thinking of going out next month…you can get my e-mail or cell phone number from Jen. Thanks.

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