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April 16, 2009 at 8:35 pm | Posted in Family, Moving | 6 Comments

We managed to reach a compromise re: selling the house.  The paperwork will go through tomorrow and the buyer will be able to have an inspection; however, if we fail to get rid of the mold, the contract is void.

My advice to anyone selling their home through a relocation company is DOCUMENT EVERYTHING.  I went through our inspection report and noted which items were fixed, the day they were fixed, and who approved the fix.  Then, I noted which items did not need to be fixed per the relocation company.  I had about 4 items left, and listed who would be fixing them and the date and time of the appointment to fix them.

Jason wrote a little email to HR at his new company, and attached my documentation of everything, as well as emails/invoices confirming appointments made for repairs.  Then, something magical happened and I received a call from the relocation company that everything could move forward with the sale.

So, my other advice to anyone dealing with relocation companies is that IF YOU CAN’T GET ANYWHERE WITH THE RELOCATION COMPANY, ASK YOUR EMPLOYER TO HELP.

I’m certain that our ability to get this done is a function of our precise documentation of the situation and the email pushed up to the highest ranks of HR.

What a relief!  To celebrate, I had a huge scoop of ice cream for dinner.  Yay!

And, since I had some time to mess around with photos tonight, I thought I’d introduce you to this guy.  This is my little brother, and, judging from the old school Camaro in the background, I’d say he has claimed the coveted favorite child position in our family.

Seriously. What 11-year old has a Camaro?!?!  (I should mention that it might take him a few years to fix it up.  What a cool project!).

I am definitely going to need a solid plan of attack to reclaim my status as favorite child.



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  1. Fantastic news!!!!!! So happy for you!

    Oh, and the “strategy” I suggest for reclaiming your position as favorite child? ….get pregnant. 🙂

  2. RE-CLAIM your status???

  3. I am amazed at your Father! Taking a whole car apart! Trevor will know every inch of that car by the time they are done. I can’t remember your Dad having the talent to do that when he was living here.
    Although, he did do some pretty awsome wiring job with his stereo system. As far as your house goes- it sure helps to know someone in this world!

  4. So glad you got things worked out! & I applaud you for being so detailed!! Oh, and seriously? An 11 year old with a camaro? Yes, you definitely need a plan of attack! haha

  5. clearly, distance makes the competition that much harder…. as mom and I have always said we love each of our kids the same (this is possibly the only “equal” phylosophy I have). All have been treated fairly and accordingly “helped” in their area of interest (except Rob… could never get into the 18 hours of video games).
    Good luck on your “reclaimation”.

  6. Okay, I had something witty to say, I’m sure. But I got to the comments and saw the one from “mom”. Oh my gosh. I’m rolling. That sounds just like what my mom would say. haha!

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