roller coaster

April 15, 2009 at 9:28 pm | Posted in Moving | 6 Comments

As a kid, I was always not-that-interested in the roller coasters at the park. Water rides? Sure. Bumper cars? You bet. Rollercoasters? Not unless I was double dog dared (or my sister was going to do it and I had to show her up).


My sister and I at Six Flaggs circa 1992

As an adult, I am totally not into it. Not roller coasters of the physical kind, and certainly not those of the emotional kind. No thanks.

And the reason I mention this is because we’ve come out of yesterday’s lower-than-low, badder-than-bad mood to reach an all new high on the home selling front.


Does it get any better than that? You bet:


Are you kidding me? Am I kidding you? No. No kidding involved here.

And then… well… we’re coming off of that high.

The buyer is leaving the country for 1 month on Saturday. She wants to have her inspection on Friday. We want to accommodate her. Relocation company does not. According to them, she cannot do her inspection until we have made all of our required repairs, all of the appropriate paperwork has been filed, and Jason’s new employer has purchased the house from us. Only then is she able to inspect.

This is confusing to us for several reasons:
1. Why put the house on the market at all if we are completely unable to accept offers/have inspections done?
2. How is it in Jason’s new employer’s best interest for us to delay selling to someone who is willing to pay FULL ASKING PRICE? As in, they don’t lose money by having to pay us for money lost on the home sale. This should be a win-win, right?
3. What? Did this just happen? We’re not allowed to accept a FULL PRICE OFFER?


So… I’m trying my best to stay optimistic and not be angry and crabby. It is challenging for me. Although, I must admit that the sunny, beautiful weather here today and the awesomeness of my doggy has seriously prevented me from losing my cool.

As difficult as it is, I’m trying to remember that it’s just a house. It’s not a sick family member (like my Grandma, who we are all still praying for, right?). It’s not loss of a loved one.  It’s not serious health conditions, or bills I can’t pay.  It’s just a house, just a sale, just a move.



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  1. Hang in there, Jen. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the relocation company will come to their senses.
    Remember, when all this is over, to remind Jason of how many “atta girls” you’ve accumulated handling this in his abscence. I think a big gift is in order!
    We continue to have your grandma in our prayers!

    • He already knows which jewelry and/or European vacation I have my eye on… 🙂

  2. Roller coaster indeed. That would be quite frustrating. Hopefully you can find a middle ground and get the sale behind you.

  3. Your life certainly is not boring!!!!! Everyday you have something new to look forward to.:) HO HO

  4. Chin up, young person. ((((hugs))))

  5. Well, you’re definitely going through a roller coaster with this whole process!! But the good thing about roller coasters is that even though they go up and they go down, they always end up leveled out and return you safely to solid ground! 😉 Hang in there!

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