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Sometimes, the universe magically aligns and everything happens exactly as you want it to. Our success in obtaining 2 offers on our house within the first week of being officially on the market, paired with our amazing luck at obtaining an apartment in 3 hours or less, our ability to order a mattress and have it delivered later that evening, and the fact that we had a wonderful time with J’s new boss in our new town made us totally giddy.  Because!  There was an end in sight!  I would be able to quit my job and move to MI within a month or two (or three, or as long as it took me to buck up and quit).  The point is: I was free from spending my nights alone in a house far too big for one person and a dog.  I was free to quit the job that I’ve started to loathe on a daily basis.  I was free to begin daydreaming about what job or career I might pick up next.  I was free to begin celebrating that I’d be reunited with my hubby sooner rather than later.  Life was good!  Anything was possible! (okay, it still is, but I’m in a very. dramatic. mood. these days).

And then, Monday we received the call that our buyer was backing out.  Our accepted offer is no longer.

The relocation company decided to release their inspection reports over the weekend.  Inspection reports that make our house look like a toxic mold dump with water in the basement, a garage that might tip over if you breathe on it, not to mention millions of other insignificant problems that they managed to word so seriously that you’d never want to consider taking this house – even if it were given to you free of charge. And we weren’t given a chance for a rebuttal. Or time to make repairs.

We have mold.  It’s not toxic.  The remediation guy comes tomorrow.

The report repeatedly mentions water in the basement.  We regraded the soil around the house and purchased new glass block basement windows and have not seen water in the basement since.  Will anyone believe us?  No.  Instead, we need to get a contractor out here to say “yep, basement is dry” because, honestly, how would this Ph.D. know dry from wet?

The chimney apparently needs major repairs.  I forwarded the inspection report to a certified chimney sweep/repair man/inspector.  He is skeptical of the report and will be coming out tomorrow to check things out.

And the garage?  Where do we even start?  It will need a new foundation, new concrete slab, reinforced roofing/rafters, and new siding.  At an estimated cost of $7,000 (we think it’s likely to be MUCH more than that), we’ve fought them tooth and nail on this one.  I think we’re finally close to reaching an agreement on it (one that means we would not have to fix it).  Please, please, cross your fingers for us!

And the insignificant problems?  Like the fact that the railing on the basement stairs isn’t officially long enough, we have a few cracked window panes (yay for old windows), blah, blah, blah, the list goes on.

Now that our buyer walked out, and now that these reports are published and available, we are likely not to find a buyer who will pay us more than what we paid for our house.  Which means that we’re at the relocation company’s mercy if we want our entire down payment back (our other option would be to sell on our own and lose the money).  Which means that we’ll be making these repairs.  Which means more out-of-pocket cost for us, and more time I have to spend away from work to get the repairs done (I know I mentioned that I am not fond of my current position, but there are things I will have to finish up before leaving, and I would rather finish them sooner than later).

I am fried.


Done fighting, done cleaning, done fixing.

I just want this all to be over.  I thought it was over.  Now it feels like we’re back to square 1.

Does anyone else want to join my pity party?


I’m going to go make myself my evening cup of tea now.  And I’m going to relax.  And I’m going to remember what is really important – things like health and family and a super-wonderful dog and an even better husband.  Because when it comes to those things, I have everything I could ever ask for.

(…but I’d still really like it if those relocation people can make this house go away quickly…)



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  1. Grandma and I will join your pity party….what bar is it at?

  2. Aw, girl. No fun! Just trust that *somebody* is still taking care of you!

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