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April 13, 2009 at 8:04 pm | Posted in Moving | 6 Comments

Eek!  It was a busy weekend.

Wednesday, Jason, Barley, and I headed to Milwaukee for a quick overnight before our trip to Kalamazoo.  Of course, almost the entire way, we celebrated the TWO offers that we had on our house. (A bit of foreshadowing: we are no longer celebrating quite as much, but I’ll leave those details to tomorrow’s post.)  Anyways, the car was stuffed with things for Jason’s new apartment – an old loveseat and table from Ikea, as well as our new dishes, silverware, and knives, and some work clothes.

Barley barely fit in the backseat, but I think he was happy to be along for the ride anyways.  He slept most of our journey.

We rolled into town about 4ish on Thursday.  Exhausted.

Jason had found a few apartment complexes that took dogs, so we drove up to one and tried to convince them to rent to us – that night.  I suppose 2 late 20-early 30ish individuals begging for a room and promising great rental history and good paying jobs may have looked a bit ridiculous, given that this particular complex was likely inhabited primarily by college students, but they were nice and went along with it.  2.5 hours later, we were in Jason’s new apartment.  We were amazed by our smoothness, and laughing about how everything was just falling into place!  We like it when we wing it and it all works out…

We made a Target run for the necessities – shampoo, conditioner, cleaning supplies, etc – and cleaned the apartment a little.  Later, we met up with Jason’s new boss for dinner and drinks downtown.  Downtown Kalamazoo is pretty darn cute, and it seems like there may be a decent amount of things to do there.  We headed to a jazz club later in the evening, where J’s boss rocked the keyboard, and I drank entirely too much.  I’m blaming it on Jason’s boss’ boss’ boss who bought everyone shots.  You can’t say no to the boss’ boss’ boss, and certainly not when you’re the wife of the new guy.  So I did my wifely duty, and then I paid the price with a big ole hangover in the morning.  That is what I call taking one for the team.  Because I don’t think I’ve done shots since my 21st birthday, and that was a disaster.

Friday, we met with our Kalamazoo Realtor to check out some houses.  We’re certainly not ready to buy, but the relocation package is providing us with a Realtor and closing costs, so we figured we might as well look…

We also did a bit more Target shopping and bought J a mattress.  Amazingly, we talked them into delivering it that night, so we only spent one night sleeping on a partially-deflated air mattress.  Thank goodness, because the air mattress was not very comfortable.  I’m not sure how Jason slept on that bad boy for 6 months last time we were separated (two years ago, we lived in Kentucky.  Then, Jason got a new job in St. Paul.  He moved before I did and spent 6 months living in a 200 sq foot apartment, sleeping on the air mattress before we bought this house.  This is his last allowable job change before I officially go over the deep end. FYI: Jason).

Jason’s boss must have really loved us (or at least felt sorry for the new kids in town) because he invited us to a concert at the gorgeous Kalamazoo state theater on Friday night.  We ended up joining him to see Tab Benoit play the blues.  I have never heard of him, and really don’t listen to blues, but lots of people loved him (and knew all of the words to the songs) and the concert was pretty cool.  We retired a bit earlier Friday night to continue cleaning/organizing more of J’s apartment.

Saturday, we cleaned up even more so that I could take pictures for the blog so that Jason would be all settled before his first day of work.  His apartment is really nice – vaulted ceilings, a decent amount of windows, a porch overlooking the woods behind the building.  It was also remarkably quiet – we didn’t hear any of his neighbors.

The kitchen is a bit outdated, but at least it has a stove (and dishwasher… and all of our awesome kitchen-related wedding gifts…  I am a teeny bit jealous of this one).  But the porch is pretty cool, and I imagine it would be a great place to relax with a drink or two after work.  Too bad I still I have custody of the patio furniture!  Mwah ha ha ha!

Saturday afternoon, we headed out with the Realtor to check out a few houses, none of which were exactly what we’re looking for, but that’s too be expected.  We got a pretty decent tour of some of the areas surrounding Kalamazoo, so that was a bonus.  After our failed house-hunt, we hopped in the car (again) and drove back to Milwaukee to spend Easter with my family.  We arrived late Saturday night, had a quick dinner with the fam and then slept as much as we could before Sunday’s Easter celebration.  We spent a few hours gorging on delicious brunch foods and chatting with my extended family, and then it was time to pack Jason up and send him off to his new home.  Sniffle. Brother Robby and I headed back to MN with Barley (I dropped him off at college before heading to my house), and Barley and I finally arrived back in Minneapolis around 10:30 to find the house unlocked.  Which set my I’m-freaked-out-by-living-on-my-own feelings into full force for a panicked 20 min while I searched every nook and cranny in this house for an intruder.  Thankfully, Barley played along and stayed by my side.  In the end, nothing was gone, there was no one in the house, and we locked the doors and went to bed.  Everything was fine.

And there ends the recap of our extended weekend.  I am exhausted just thinking about it…



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  1. Hi-I’ve been reading your blog since I found Houseblogs last summer. Your post last week about moving to your new town here in Michigan piqued my curiosity because I’m in Michigan. Anyway (Barley is a gorgeous dog, btw) last night’s post made me sit up straight because I have a house about 20 minutes from Kzoo. If you and your husband would like to find some other areas to explore for houses and other things to do, drop me a line. My house is a 1915 2 story on 10 wooded acres which include a barn, a stagnant pond and a lot of wildlife. Depending on how country you want to go, there are a lot of nice places up near Plainwell, Otsego, Martin and Allegan that you may want to investigate. Weekend events can include a trip up U.S. 131 to the dragstrip located at exit 55 (the Martin/Allegan exit, and coincidentally enough, my exit!) or to Lake Michigan. Grand Rapids is a nice town as well and just a smidge over 30 minutes away.
    Welcome to Michigan!

    • Thanks, Lisa! It sounds like your house is EXACTLY what we’re looking for… you’re not selling, are you?? Ha ha! One of my favorite current coworkers is from Grand Rapids and has been filling us in on all of the awesome things to do in the area – camping, sand dunes, festivals involving copious amounts of food… sign me up!

  2. Holy Moses, Girl! You were busy!! You’re so tough- I don’t know if I’d be able to have Z living away from me! I’ll be praying for you!

    • Thanks – I need all the help I can get! 🙂 Send up a little prayer for my sanity, if you don’t mind – I’d like to keep it! 🙂

  3. Looks like a charming place to live. Reminds me of Cedarburg. It certainly is a far cry from the small town I lived in which looked more like the mining town that it was! It would have been nice to see over the weekend. The Portmanns were here but then you get to see them quite often. I forgot that!

    • Sorry we missed you… we were literally there for a few hours, most of them in the middle of the night! When are you coming to visit next? Or maybe I will be down again soon…

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