The Bathroom Reveal

April 2, 2009 at 10:06 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 20 Comments

Let’s be honest.  Our bathroom was hideous.  In fact, now that we’ve invested a little time and energy into it, I can’t believe we actually lived with such a craptastic bathroom for so long…  If only we would have done all of this when we first moved in.  We could have actually enjoyed it!


When we moved into the house, there was no shower – just a tub.  We bought a new faucet and a shower attachment, as well as a curtain rod and 2 shower curtains and – tada!  Our MacGyver shower was born.  We were insanely proud of ourselves…

Here is the hideous sink and cabinet, as well as some shelves that were blocked only by two cheap-looking doors that didn’t slide very easily.  It was not awesome.

BUT NOW?  It’s super-awesome.

Love it, love it, love it!

Another look at the shower.  We purchased a D-shaped shower rod and a clamp to hold our hand shower up to it.

We removed the old doors and painted the inside of the cabinet white.  Our towels are rolled up on the top shelf (like a spa!  yay!) and the bottom shelf has toilet paper in a basket (easily accessible) as well as 3 of the apothecary jars used at our wedding – filled with cotton swabs, cotton puffs, and ice cream salt (it’s all I had and it looks like bath salts, and I do not make ice cream.  I don’t know why we even had ice cream salt handy?  Hmm.).  I threw a candle in with the ice cream salt for fun.

I painted the old cabinet white.  It took 20.5 million coats of paint, but it was well worth it!  And we hung a small mirror next to the big mirror to reflect more light into the space.

Here’s a close-up of the cabinet with the goodies from yesterday’s package.  I managed to snag 3 glass knobs for $10 from ebay.  I was especially proud of myself since one of these bad boys goes for $9 at Restoration Hardware.  The old knobs were too crusty and dirty to go with the new white paint.

The other bathroom wall houses a mirror (more reflecting light!) and two pictures – black and white palm tree pictures that I took when J and I traveled to Hawai’i in 2004.

And now – the cost breakdown:

  • Paint – $15 at Menards (we seriously just bought the cheapest paint we could find.  I have no idea what color it is.)
  • (We already had primer, Ceiling paint, and paint for the cabinet)
  • D-shaped curtain rod – $50
  • Hand-shower clamp – $50
  • Cabinet knobs – $10
  • (We already had towels, frames/pictures, and all of the other decorative goodies)
  • Shower curtains and rings – Target $30

Grand Total?  $155. Not too shabby… I think we’ve successfully turned this bathroom from “REMODEL ME NOW” to “Hey – maybe I could use a new sink in a few years“.  Let’s hope this all translates into a quick house sale for us!

Now head on over to see other remodeling projects at the remodeling guy’s spring remodeling round up!



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  1. Wow! Great job, especially for $155.

    • Thanks! We were also surprised that we could do so much for so little… if we had known this earlier, we probably would have done this right after we moved in… Maybe next time?!

  2. Again, another beautiful transformation! You really could could start a business helping people stage homes for sale(do you need a PhD for that?).It looks like a 300% improvement over the old bathroom.

    • Thanks Debbie! One of my “I can do anything now that Jason’s bringing home the bacon” dreams is interior design. Also on that list? Realtor, Crafter, Online Entrepraneur, and Photobooth Business Owner. Ha! We’ll see. I’ll probably just end up teaching… 🙂

  3. Charming to say the least! I hope I get up there to see this in person before you leave that cute house.

    • Me too! When are you coming for a visit?!

  4. Much better! That’s so weird that they only had a tub! You did a great job!

    • I know – I think we picked the only house in the city without a shower… We know that an old man lived here for a very long time, so that is kind of understandable. But some younger guys lived here with their kids for a year before we bought it, and we have yet to figure out how they did it. Did they really bathe everyday? Shower at the gym, maybe? Although we’ve heard from the neighbors that there was a weight bench where our dining room table is, so that kind of debunks the gym theory…

  5. it looks fabulous! i love home repair. unfortunately, i took only a few “before” pictures of our house before we poured our blood, sweat and tears into…oh, and a LOT of cash. i don’t even want to know what the market has done to it’s value now! :>

    • Oh goodness, I know. It gets pricey, doesn’t it? Hopefully you and your boys will be able to continue enjoying your home until the market goes back up! 🙂

  6. Love that shower curtain with it…turns that bathroom from “undone” to “FUN”!

  7. And the shower window???? Maybe opaque film applied?

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  9. Wow! What a transformation. You certainly turned it from YUCK to WOW with a few careful changes.

  10. You win the thrify nickle award for sure .. awesome transformation for little bucks. Thanks for sharing your project.

  11. amazing transformation…your bathroom is beachy chic. very nice.

  12. There’s nothing I love like a thrifty make-over. This one is fabulous! I love the blue with the white-beautiful!

  13. I LOVE your bathroom, love your creativity, and LOVE your enthusiasm! Your post put a smile on my face!

    I bet you were thinking…that Remodeling Guy’s a piece of work to have a linky party and not even come comment! I AM SO SORRY! I can’t believe it took me this long to get here! Early last week was so busy and I just didn’t make it!

    But I’m so glad I did now. Your work is awesome! Thanks for sharing it with me!


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