Bedroom #3

March 26, 2009 at 6:18 pm | Posted in After, Before, Moving, Our Home, Projects | 6 Comments

Our 3rd (and smallest) bedroom left much to be desired.  The previous owners had splashed dark green and brown paint everywhere (including the white trim and wood floors).  One of the walls curves up to the ceiling, and instead of drawing a neat line where the paint should stop, they stopped painting where their rollers stopped reaching.  It was a mess.  Here’s a glimpse of the hideous-ness shortly after we moved:

I like this green color… but it would work better in a bigger room.

And now?  5 coats of paint later:

The view from the study.  To solve the curved ceiling problem, we painted the far wall and ceiling the same shade of light blue as the office.  We painted the other 3 walls a slightly darker shade of blue.

The view from the hallway.  Our garage is out the back window.  And yes, that painting on the wall was made by yours truly.  It’s not that pretty, but it works.  Also?  There’s something therapeutic about a $10 canvas and a few $1 bottles of acrylic paint.  You should try it sometime.

The view from the closet, looking into the bedroom.  The study is in the background.

Total cost spent in this room?  Not much.

  • The furniture, pillows, sheets, and picture were all purchased a while ago.  The bed is actually a futon, but our Realtor suggested we stage this as a bedroom.
  • Painting – Canvas from Michaels $10; I had the acrylic paints from previous painting attempts (which you’ll see very soon!).
  • Curtains – Ikea (left by previous owner)
  • Primer – Killz $25
  • Paint – The light blue was leftover from the study (Frost Wind (#540A-1) by Behr), and the darker blue is Eminence (#550E-2) by Behr $18

$43 for a super-staged bedroom.  Yay for rooms that don’t require much of a budget!  Just wait till I get to the other bedrooms… where we staged them pretty without spending any money!



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  1. Wow, that really looks great with the new paint job; kind of makes you want to stay now, huh?

  2. This is better than Extreme Makeover or maybe even This Old House. The room looks completely different and your idea of painting up the wall and right onto the ceiling is great. I can’t wait to see the rest of the place.

  3. You guys are doing a great job with the house! I wouldn’t want to leave!

  4. I think you should you should finish the house, remodel the kitchen and pass it on to me like a family heirloom. It would work wont have to worry about putting it on the market then..and you can come back and visit anytime you want 🙂

    • I have an even better idea – you could BUY the house and fix it up yourself! 🙂 Ha ha.

  5. I like Little J’s idea!!!!!!!!!!

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