The Study, at its best

March 24, 2009 at 8:17 pm | Posted in After, Before, Our Home, Our Study, Projects | 9 Comments

Certainly you remember the not-so-pretty before pictures of the study, with Jason’s junk strewn about (that one is not so good with the organizing… plus, we had just moved in).

And now?

Computer desk with new imac and printer (this is where I’m sitting as I’m writing!  Hello!).  Confession: The calendar on the wall is actually for 2008, but I like the pictures in it and it doesn’t say 2008 anywhere on it, so I’m going with it.  Eventually I will probably put the pictures in frames, but for purposes of staging, a 2008 calendar is good enough.

Random blue chair.  We initially wanted something a little cozier here (a reading nook!), but this will do.  Until JT moves to Kalamazoo and takes it with him.  Also:  Dirty windows!  Yuck!  Still have to clean them… not sure exactly how I will clean the outside…  Sounds like a big pain.

Another shot of my lovely blogging workspace.

Extra paper and CDs hang out here.  Also, check out my awesome window chalkboard.  Love it.  Need to buy chalk to write on it.

I had planned on using a green and white material from Urban Outfitters for the curtains, but our Realtor suggested that if I wanted to take them with me (which, I do!  I love that fabric!), I should pick up something else.  With the exception of pictures, anything tied to the walls (i.e., curtains and curtain rods) goes with the house.

Our Realtor also commented that she dug our color-sorted books.  Yes!

I am especially proud of the window chalk board.  We had our old basement windows replaced with glass block last winter, and I held on to a few of the window panes.  I just popped the glass window out of the frame, and sanded and painted the window frame.  Then, I purchased a light-weight board ($5) and chalk board paint ($5) and cut it to the size of my window frame.  After painting the board and letting it dry, I popped it in the back of the window frame.  Ta da!  A fun re-use for an old window that would have otherwise been thrown out!

Our total cost/item rundown for this makeover?

  • Primer – Killz $25
  • Ceiling Paint – Gliddon (it’s the paint that starts purple and turns white as it dries!) $20
  • Wall Paint – Frost Wind (#540A-1) by Behr – $18
  • Trim Paint – Semi-glossy white paint by Behr – $18
  • Desk – Ikea (purchased years ago)
  • Stool – ? (purchased years ago)
  • Chair – Ikea (purchased years ago)
  • Rolling File Cabinet – Target (purchased years ago)
  • Magazine Holders – Ikea (left behind by our Swedish roommate)
  • Book Brackets – Ikea $14
  • Book Shelves – Wood from Home Depot, painted with the trim paint – $10
  • Curtains – Ikea $10
  • Curtain Rod/Wire and support pieces – Ikea $23
  • Curtain Clips – Ikea $5
  • Chalkboard – $10
  • Calendar above the printer – Gift (my mom brought it back with her from Italy).
  • Green desk accessories – Target (purchased years ago)
  • Silver pencil holder – Gift (my Grandparents gave this to me when I graduated from High School)
  • Blue Vase – Gift (Jason’s parents gave this to us on one of their visits)
  • Books – (purchased along the way…)

$153. Not bad for a clean and modern workspace!



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  1. Oh my gosh…I was looking at this post today and my four-year-old son came up to my computer and said, “Who made that room so pretty?” I showed him all the changes and he just loved it. He especially like the books (me too!). 🙂 Good work, my friend!

  2. Wow, I totally love the office. The chalk board is really cool. I can’t wait to see the rest of the house. Are you sure you want to move? If it’s the lack of stove, you could always come out here for dinner (although I have to warn you that things have definitely slipped since the kids left). 🙂

    • I’ll be over in 20 min. I don’t believe that dinner has slipped… I bet Doug wouldn’t stand for it! 🙂 Ha ha.

      • HA HA, actually it has gotten to the point that Doug actually went out and bought HIMSELF a cookbook and is making dinner for us (at least that was the plan). So if you consider his new recipes, I guess that dinner really hasn’t slipped after all.

        • Doug is cooking? That’s pretty good.

          Call me when dinner consists of the $1.41 popcorn and large drink combo from the Target food court. Or onion rings and a chocolate malt from Culvers. (we’ve gotten really bad here lately) THEN, I will agree that things have slipped.

  3. That chalkboard idea is really cool; when do you find the time?

  4. […] have to stick with this Ikea model and the plastic drawers.  Above the desk, I hung the window frame chalkboard that I made in Minneapolis (yay for a reminder of our previous home!).  Also?  It may be the dorky ex-chemistry major in me […]

  5. […] years-ish, we were living in Minneapolis, scraping wallpaper off the walls of what was going to be our office, and I was scouring craigslist for the *perfect* bankers chair & desk.  And this is what I […]

  6. […] (because my chalkboard handwriting is horrible – just ask my students) came from our Minneapolis home.  The framed pictures on top of the card catalog contain a picture from each of the major […]

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