Adventures in Antiquing

March 18, 2009 at 7:03 pm | Posted in Antiques, Miscellaneous | 13 Comments

As I mentioned yesterday, Jason and I hit up the Canal Park Antique Mall in Duluth on Saturday.  I’ve recently been following the adventures of Eddie Ross and other bloggers who have managed to score amazing finds at flea markets, so I thought I’d document what we found on our little antique mini-excursion.

First up:  I used to play with a set of these when I was little.  I’d make all sorts of awesome (and pretend) things in my yellow-ish beige metal kitchen with these bad boys.  Does this mean I’m old?

Jason spotted this acrylic cowboy hat.  I told him no.  No acrylic cowboy hats in our house.

You can’t tell from this picture, but this plate is a really pretty blue glass.  I’ve recently been loving colored glass plates with designs in them.  If I ever have to get to host an Easter brunch, I might be tempted to pick up a few of these lovelies in light blue, green, or pink, and pair them with our very neutral china to add a little color and charm to the table.  Or?  They’d be perfect for serving dessert after a dinner party.  Note to self: upon arrival in Michigan – become reacquainted with an oven, – make friends, – invite said friends over for dinner party.

Again with the colored glass.  I saw a few different sets of these, and thought that the low glasses would be perfect for ice cream sundae dishes.

This lovely lamp was Jason’s pick.  Again, I had to say no.  The deer/hunting theme wouldn’t have meshed well with the rest of our decor.  (But if the price would have been right, we would have certainly picked it up for a White Elephant gift exchange.)

I dig these old pyrex mixing bowls.  So bright and cheery!

I have a thing for cows lately.  I’m not sure why.  I just do.

I also thought these striped glasses were pretty fun.

Since we’re moving, I’m on a mission not to buy anything that I’d have to pack up.  So I felt a little torn when I spotted these pewter lovelies.  I usually try to pick up some sort of household something when I’m on vacation, so that later, when it’s sitting on my dining room or hanging on my walls, I am reminded of that particular adventure.  In the end, I ended up snagging them for $18, deciding that they are small and unbreakable enough to be easily packed when the time comes.  Until then, they have a new home on my dining room table!



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  1. Now you’ll have a good excuse for candle-light dinners!

    • I know, right? Although every candle I’ve got in the house is too wide for the opening on the top of these… I guess I might have to go shopping again… Yes! 🙂

  2. We had set of those exact same striped glasses when I was growing up!We also had a set in primary color stripes! I have a footed cake dish (clear) exactly the same as the plate you liked. Antique stores are fun but when I see the things that have been thrown out over the years and now are so expensive, I cringe.
    The pewter candlesticks are lovely!

    • I know, right? It almost makes me second guess some of the stuff I’ve been getting rid of lately… luckily most of the things we’ve been donating are clothing that doesn’t fit or things from Ikea and other discount-type stores that are likely not to be too valuable in the future.

  3. Does Jason ever get what he wants? But I have to say, why was there ever a need for an acrylic hat, by anyone?

    • Jason almost ALWAYS gets what he wants! This time, though, I had to put my foot down! Ha ha!

    • I like the cut of your jib.

      I most certainly never get what I want.

      • What about the move to Michigan? The new imac? The new car? Pizza for dinner last night?

  4. Where are you moving to in Mi??? I live in Grand Blanc, Mi.

    Welcome to Michigan!!!


    • Thanks! We’ll be moving to the Kalamazoo area. I think that if everyone in Michigan is as nice as the few Michigan natives we’ve met in Minnesota, then we’ll be in good company! 🙂

  5. I think the acrylic cowboy hat is awesome!!! Grandma probably has a set of those colored pyrex bowls!

  6. Kzoo…..nice area. They have a really cool airplane museum there. It’s also the home of my alma mater’s biggest rival. Get ready for the Western/Central Michigan game.

    I hope you are not big NFL fans. We here in Michigan are stuck with the Lions. BUT…..we have the Red Wings!!!

    On the home front….I believe there is a tile outlet in Kzoo or Battle Creek. Also Grass Lake has a great arch. salvage place if you need anything like doors, windows, trim, toilets, or sinks. Vintage of course. Cool Restaurant in BC called Clara’s. It’s in an old train station.

    I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life so if you ever need any info about anything Michigan, let me know. Hope you are able to move in before road construction season. Orange barrels are Michigan’s state shrub. Oh and FYI a Michigan left is when you are on a divided highway and you have to keep driving until you are able to turn left and double back. Michigan Ave/US12 is one major road that is like that.

  7. Did I pass on the like for old junk (things) to you?

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