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In an attempt to show Jason more of Minnesota before he moves 3 states away, we headed to Duluth on Saturday.

Duluth is about 2-2.5 hrs drive north of the Twin Cities, on the south side of Lake Superior.  (Here is a map for those of you who have no clue what I’m talking about: View Larger Map)

We arrived around lunchtime, and headed to Burrito Union, home of delicious southwestern food, unusual-flavored margaritas (hibiscus?  ginger?), and one waitress who kind of gave us the evil eye.  We’re still debating whether the cause of the evil eye was Jason’s cell phone conversation while we were supposed to be ordering or my incessant picture taking.  Or maybe a combination of the two?  Perhaps.

Anyways, we ordered – I tried the hibiscus margarita and Jason opted for a taste of a local microbrew.  For lunch, I snacked on some seriously. amazing. nachos and Jason opted for a burrito.  Just thinking about it makes me salivate a little.

Moving on.  The Bar was insanely cool, decked out in old metal ceiling tiles.  I also loved the orange stools in front of it.  Sort of a fun juxtaposition of old and new.

The ceiling also featured a mish-mash of old metal ceiling tiles.  I love the chandeliers (reminds me a little of my own dining room chandelier).  If I ever own a bar/restaurant/coffee shop, I think I will copy this idea.

After lunch, we headed down to Canal Park.  It was an amazing day – 55 degrees and sunny.  So we enjoyed the beautiful weather while strolling down the boardwalk along the shore of Lake Superior.  Online reviews we had read prior to our trip suggested that the boardwalk was similar to that found on the Jersey shore.  I beg to differ.  But we did see this cute little lighthouse, and it looks sort of New England-y.

After walking around for a while, we decided to do a little shopping.  We found a little antique store and Jason let me wander around for a pretty long time, despite the fact that he was overwhelmingly bored.  I’ll share my findings with you tomorrow.

After our little shopping spree, we headed back to Fitger’s, a local brewery (and maker of the beers that Jason drank at lunch).  I wasn’t all that impressed with the Brewery, to be honest.  I was expecting something a little bigger.  Also, the bun on my hamburger was not delicious.  Jason agreed – the buns sort of tasted like cardboard.  And we were seated in the kitchen.  And our table neighbors were so close that when they started up with the PDAs, their elbows nearly knocked Jason out.  Jason’s take: “mmm, it was okay.”  So clearly I am the pickier of the two of us.  But that is not a surprise, is it?

After dinner, we got in the car and drove back to Minneapolis.  With the seat heaters on.  Because we could.

Also, it’s amazing how dark night is in Northern Minnesota.  I forgot how many stars you can see when you don’t live in the city limits.  Perhaps this will be another perk to our Michigan migration?  Guess I should start looking into telephoto lenses for the camera…



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  1. I wonder, didn’t you go to the top of the hill/cliff that is Duluth and climb the tower there for an awesome view of Lake Superior and the bridges? There are some good photo ops there. How is a Hibiscus Margarita? That strawberry thing is growing old…

  2. I suspect that Jason’s “mmm it was okay” was because he was happy with the beer and didn’t care if the buns tasted like cardboard.
    I’m glad you’re getting to enjoy Minnesota some more before you move and hope you grow to love Michigan as much.
    Around here, they are still talking about the Lakefront tour! Fun!

  3. Did you know that they (I don’t know who they is) call Duluth the “Rivera of the North”? We’ve spent a few weekends there getting the floats put on the sea plane and have found it to be a very interesting town. The drive out the North shore is breathtaking! There are many restaurants and funky shops on the road that goes out to the seaplane base which is south of town.

  4. From the sounds of it you guys had a good time. Shane and I have never gone to Duluth, but are hoping to go there some time soon! When we do I am definitely going to look back at your blog to get ideas of where to eat and site see! Did you find any thing interesting at the antique store?!

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