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We’ve been doing some serious cleaning and organizing around here to prepare our house to go on the market.  Since the kitchen in this house is practically non-existent and the MacGyver-style bathroom is sure not to impress anyone, we decided that the rest of the house needs to look extra-stunning to make up for it.  We’ve pulled out all of the family photos, boxed up the excess nonsense laying around the house, and packed up anything that should be moved to MI with Jason in a few weeks (e.g., my new dishes).  And I’ve been cleaning!  On my hands and knees!  Yikes.  It took me several hours to go through the dining room and the small room behind it that had become overrun with wedding presents (because there was no room in the kitchen for many of our nice, new, shiny, kitchen things).  It’s embarrassing, really, to have all of those things just sitting in boxes, so when we look for somewhere to live in Michigan, I will be on the hunt for a large kitchen!


This picture was taken shortly after we moved in… check out the boxes and whatnot all over that tiny room beyond the dining room – yuck!


And now – nothing but light coming in through the windows!  Look at those floors shine!  Ignore the power cord stretched across the floor (we only have one three-prong outlet in the living room, so we use a power cord to work on our laptops and watch TV simultaneously).

The green CD towers in the background are from Ikea, and we’ll be getting rid of them before we move.  Let us know if you want them…

The view from the kitchen I made the curtains!

Looking towards the kitchen – I love the antique chandelier!  I think it’s probably original to the house, given the amount of dust and dirt I’ve cleaned off of it!

And the little room behind the dining room – yikes.  Anyone have ideas as to what this room may have originally been used for?  We’ve used it primarily for box storage…  Check out the messy Before (I suspect I should be too embarrassed to even post this):

And the After:

We imagined that anyone who bought the house and kept the layout as-is could use this room as a butler’s pantry or mini-bar.  It could also be used as an office (but we don’t have any other desks lying around, so we staged it as a butler’s pantry).  We would have changed the layout of the house, and built in a desk and some shelves here.

What do you think?  Any staging advice?  Stay tuned as we continue to stage and clean, organize and pack…



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  1. I don’t want to make you feel bad but that house is so charming and your ideas are wonderful! I wish you could finish what you have started because I’d like to see it!

  2. What a beautiful space. Your built-ins are lovely, and I covet extra space off the DR. You’ve staged it exactly as I would have!

  3. Thanks for the nice comments… I also wish we could stay and finish what we’ve started. I’m secretly hoping to find an old farmhouse in Michigan that I can bring back to life… Something with hardwood floors, built-ins, and nice baseboard/window molding. Keep your fingers crossed!

  4. I love your table. Is it an old farm table? Your house is definitely adorable. Are you taking the chandelier with you when you move or are you leaving it? I’d personally be torn on whether or not to take it/leave it. One last question! The curtains you made, what material did you make them out of? To be honest they look like a pair of drapes I have my eye on from Pottery Barn!

    • I think the table is actually from a library – we inherited it from my parents when they remodeled their kitchen. I think we’ll probably leave the chandelier since we don’t know where we’ll be living next (unless the new owners are going to just rip it down anyways – then, we’ll take it). I actually bought the material for the curtains at JoAnn Fabrics – if you get material from there, make sure to sign up for their mailing list in advance and they’ll send you a coupon for 40% off – definitely worth it when buying several yards of home decorator fabric! I basically just sewed the pieces into huge rectangles and hung with hardware purchased at Bed, Bath, & Beyond (with the 20% off coupon from their mailings). It was super-easy!

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