Of course I have more pictures of dogs.

March 11, 2009 at 7:07 pm | Posted in Family, Photography | 7 Comments

Why!  Thank you for asking.  You missed the dog photos yesterday?  Great, because they’re back in full force today.

I *heart* Barley, but I really hope we do something that involves me taking pictures without dogs in them soon.  Because all of this lack-of-home-improving is really turning me into that crazy dog lady.  And that is not good for any of us, especially not the three of you still reading this.

Umm… at least today’s doggy pictures are mostly someone else’s dog?

This is Comet – he is the cutest little mini-barley puggle ever!

Trevor loves his puppy.  And, he is very lucky to even have a puppy… my sister, (other) brother, and I used to nag my mom for a dog when we were little, but would she let us have one?  No.  And then sweet little Trevor comes along, asks for a dog, and suddenly, there’s a puppy under the tree Christmas morning.  I bet you can guess who is the favorite child in our family! (although, I hope to still be in contention for the title.  T’s still got some sort of pre-teen angst issues to go through, and I did do a million loads of laundry last time I visited the ‘rents.)

I kind of love this shot of the matching dogs at the window.  I am certain I shouldn’t let them up on the window like that, but it’s too cute.

On Saturday, after my family left, we picked up our new Highlander!  It was super-exciting – our first new car!  And, I was so excited that I broke one of the levers to fold down the seats, so we have to take it back in for service.  Oops.  At least we’re still under warranty!

Jason and I spent the rest of the afternoon running errands (because we wanted an excuse to ride in the car).  We left the house with 6 boxes of books and other things, and came home with 2 small boxes and $30.  (We bought the rest of our dinnerware from Crate and Barrel with giftcards from the wedding, and now I’m excited to use them.  Only, I won’t be able to use them until after the move to Michigan because there’s no room to unpack/store them in our tiny kitchen.  So, future Michigan friends, I will be inviting you over for a dinner party with matching dinnerware and silverware.)

Anyways, you don’t care about dishes, and I really can’t blame you for that.  I didn’t care about them much until I got a new, pretty, matching set.  I’m sure the novelty will wear off once I realize that I have to actually COOK to enjoy my plates.  So, pictures of our new beast:

Barley was so excited about the car that he escaped from the house and tried to get a ride in it!  We took him for a ride later that night – I covered the back seat with a blanket, and Jason carried Barley out to the car so that he wouldn’t get muddy paws all over it.  It was ridiculous.

The leather seats that I insisted on.  I think they look smashing.  Love them.

Here she (he?) is again.  So pretty!  Yay!



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  1. I love the doggies at the windows photos…could be winners in the next photo contest. I could use a new camera too!

  2. I love the doggies in the window pictures! Time to enter another contest to win me a camera!

  3. Looks like a nice ride! Not sure if where you are moving to deals with lots of lake effect snow or not, but if it does, looks like you’ll have no problems with it!

    And yes, those leather seats look amazing.

  4. It may look like T is the favorite, but I think your mother is trying to spoil him so much that he will never want to leave home.

  5. I think you two should have bought a bus since you love mass transit so much, or was that just a phase you were going through?

  6. I think the “Dogs at the Window” picture is definitely calendar material. You even captured the synchronized tail wags. (both tails going left at the same time)

  7. It’s unanimous! The dogs at the window picture is a real winner! I love the tails in the opposite directions!

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