The Game

March 10, 2009 at 8:08 pm | Posted in Family, Photography | 4 Comments

As I mentioned yesterday, my parents and brother Trevor drove up to see brother Robby’s hockey game on Friday.

The (St. Olaf) oles were en fuego on the ice – the best they’ve been yet – but they still managed to lose a very close game to their cross-town rivals, Carleton College.  We did get to sing the St. Olaf fight song twice, which delighted Jason to no end.  He loves it when herds of Scandinavian descendants pump their fists in the air yelling, “um ya ya” over and over.  Almost pre-teen Trevor was totally un-amused the entire time.  That is, until a group of drunk college girls started falling all over (almost on) him.  Then, he threatened to kick them (to me.  He certainly would NOT talk to them about it.).

Jason was also completely unamused by the lack of creative cheering by both sides, especially so since by the time graduation rolls around, these kids will all have spent over a million dollars on their college education.  Where’s the creativity?  And the brain power to come up with good cheers for your Division 3 sports teams?

Anyways, he did smirk when the Carleton fans yelled “What’s an Ole?” and he most certainly loved that the Olaf crowd yelled back “Ugly Chi-icks” to the Carleton fans (it is rumored that St. Olaf has more attractive girls than Carleton.  I think it’s true, but then again, I might be a little biased.).  I think, though, that his favorite part of the night was when a dude in a cordoroy jacket and paisely tie tried to pick a fight with another guy, and the guy just responded, “Seriously?  You’re wearing a dinner jacket.”  Trevor thought a full-out fight was going to happen right then and there, but I assured him that kids who attend either Olaf or Carleton should be smart enough to know that they’re not going to be good at fist-fighting.

Oh yes!  And there was a hockey game, too.  Did I mention that? The reason we were in the bleachers watching all of these crazy people in the first place was because Robby was playing hockey.  See?

the team (vintage-style)

the fans (that’s my blurry dad in the background)

Robby is #11

He got sent to the penalty box.  For slashing!  Naughty, naughty.

Robby got in a fight!  Only, he was just kind of standing there, and everyone else was fighting.  He would never get in a fight.  Excuse the head in the middle of the photo, but I had to share this fight shot.

All in all, a pretty good game (nicely done, Rob!).  I am amazed by the clarity of these pictures, since I was a million rows back, hiding behind 5,000 drunk college kids.  Also, most of the shots aren’t as blurry as you’d expect given that the players are constantly moving on the ice.  I love my camera.



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  1. Oh, I miss the hockey games! Thoes are some beautiful teeth on your Mom. I’m probably the only one that would notice that!

  2. Hockey is the bestest ever. Looks like you guys had fun! Casey and I are going to the D1 playoff game this weekend between the Fighting Sioux and the Wisconsin Badgers. Seeing this just makes me even more excited. Sometimes I wish the Fighting Sioux played in a little arena like that again, but it would be hard to give up the leather seats at the Ralph :). Go Sioux!

    • We did have fun! It made me want to be back in college! Holy cow, did we ever pack the fans into a tiny arena!! Have a great time at the game – watching the D1 schools is always really exciting (I had season tickets to UMN-Twin Cities games one year and they were always a blast).

  3. @GGG: Thanks for the compliment, makes it feel like wearing those plastic braces for two years really paid off!

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