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It was an exciting and busy weekend for us… my parents visited, we went to brother Robby’s hockey game, we picked up our new car, and we spent hours cleaning and organizing the house.  So I have lots of pictures to share!

This first set was taken on Friday afternoon.  The weather was beautiful (45 and sunny! It felt like summer!), and the snow was melting everywhere.  So I tried to get a few artsy reflection shots, similar to this lovely engagement photo shot by the very talented Jessica Kaminski.  I also should note that I played around with these a little in iphoto.  Sidenote:  I would LOVE to use Photoshop, but haven’t splurged on the mac edition yet (and the version on my soon-to-be-completely-dead laptop is wildly out of date).  It would make a really nice gift in case anyone happens to be moving away from me and wants to get me a going away present that will keep me busy for hours on end so that I don’t have to spend my hours pining away, missing, crying, etc, etc (ahem, Jason).

Anyways.  The pictures.

I can’t decide which of these last two pictures screams WINTER more – the cold gray one above, or this yucky browner-toned one.  Either way, I’m really ready for some green, some warmth, and some longer days… Bring it on, mother nature.



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  1. Great pictures! Is there no end to your talent?

    • You are too nice! Would you think otherwise if I told you that I had to take about 250 pictures to get 4 good ones? 🙂

  2. That first picture, did Jason burn down his brewery?

    • No! No burned down brewery… It’s just a weird little hut-type thingy that’s been sitting at the end of our street for a week or so now… I think it might have something to do with the construction going on nearby?

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