Our Study is blue!

February 9, 2009 at 9:56 am | Posted in During, Our Home, Our Study, Projects | 5 Comments
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As predicted, we finished most of the painting in the study over the weekend.  For some crazy reason, we decided we should freshen up the paint on the baseboards and molding, and I might need to go back and give it a third coat tonight.  (Apologies to those of you that have stripped paint from baseboards and are cringing at the suggestion that I’m actually adding MORE paint to them…).  Anyways, ours were a bit dirty and chipped in some places, and the baseboards in the adjoining room need to be painted because they had been accidentally painted a dark green in places by a previous inhabitant – the same previous inhabitant that painted over the plastic covers surrounding outlets and light switches (I guess it was too much work to remove them?).  So, we thought we’d freshen up the trim in both rooms, but I certainly didn’t expect it to take more than 2 coats of paint…

Anyways.  The color is actually a little blue-er than I remember, but I love it.  It makes the room feel so much bigger and cleaner, and I am happy to be rid of the dirty beige color that plagues every. other. inch of our home (not that I am against beige, but it’s getting a bit old, since every room and ceiling are the exact same color, and I think that it has pink-y undertones, which are just not working for me.)

(these pictures were taken before I started painting the trim… you’ll have to stay tuned for some “after” pictures later this week!)



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  1. Wow!!!!! What a difference that makes!! I love the blue with white trim…it looks so fresh. 🙂 Good for you!


  2. It looks good! Nice restful color for a study.

  3. Looks so much bigger than those dark green walls from the patching days…

  4. Do you hire out? I’ve got some walls that need help!

  5. I think you can buy new plastic switch covers at your local building supply house.Thats assuming you havn’t cleaned them up.

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