pictures from last weekend’s long walk

February 3, 2009 at 10:05 am | Posted in Photography | 1 Comment
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It warmed up to a balmy 45 degrees here over the weekend, so I took a break from work to walk Barley dogg and play with my new camera a little bit.  Here’s what I saw:

This is one of my favorite Barley tricks… we tell him to sit and stay before opening the door, and he will sit there and wait for you to say done before he moves.  It’s really great for when you’re carrying things in and out of the house and don’t want him to escape.  Even when he’s off-leash, he’ll sit there for as long as you want him to.  It’s probably the best thing we learned at doggy school.

Walking in the park near our house.

I was playing with the focus a bit here.  I really like how this one turned out.

More playing with the focus.  Check it out – this shot and the next shot are of the same thing, but with different focus.

Sigh.  Winter.

This is what our dog does on the weekends.  Jason is insanely jealous.  He wants to be lazy on the weekends, too, but I’m usually nagging him to do something around the house.

A close-up – look at this dog… he can’t even keep his eyes open.  He’s so sleepy!

Seriously.  Every time I get the camera out, he comes over and sits in front of me and looks at me like this.  I can’t tell if he’s saying take my picture! or enough with the camera already!


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  1. I speak DOG and he is definitely saying “Enough with the camera already!”

    I’ll be up for my photography lessons shortly, I want to FOCUS on some new things!!!

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