Happy Birthday, JT (yesterday)

February 1, 2009 at 9:42 pm | Posted in Holidays, Miscellaneous | 2 Comments

Yesterday was Jason’s golden birthday!  Happy birthday, J!

jt-baby_0003Look, J – this is you 31 years ago!  (held by big brother, Kevin)

The celebration included me working all day and Jason doing something (although, I’m not sure what, because I was working).  I did catch Jason eating ice cream cake for breakfast… it’s his birthday tradition.

At some point, he went to the MegaMall by himself to pick up lunch and do a little shopping.  And, look!  He came home with my Christmas present – an awesome new Fossil purse.  I’ve been whining about “needing” a new purse lately, and I think he did a pretty great job!  Yeah, it’s a month late, but worth the wait!  (In his defense, I was initially going to pick one out myself, but couldn’t decide which one I liked the best.  I’m so glad that he just picked one for me!)

Later in the day, we went out for pizza at Black Sheep Pizza, and it was delish.  Our night on the town was pretty short-lived, though, because I had to head back home so that I could work more.  Not a very exciting birthday for Jason…  so we might try again next weekend?



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  1. Happy Birthday Jason! I think ice cream cake for breakfast is a Ross tradition (and one that I have no problem adopting!). The picture you posted was hilarious, by the way.

  2. Whoops! I wrote that down someplace. Well, any way Happy Birthday Jason. It’s on my calendar now. Hugs from GGG

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