Pond Hockey Championships

January 26, 2009 at 7:46 pm | Posted in Minnesota | 4 Comments
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I spent most of the weekend on the couch, with my laptop on my lap, and papers scattered around me. Ahh, work. The biggest project I’ve done yet is due in only 7 days, so posting might be a little light this week.

I did take a break to head over to the Pond Hockey Championships, which takes place on the lake near our house every winter.  Last winter, we opted not to go because it was the coldest day of the year, and we weren’t into freezing our butts off while watching people that we don’t know play hockey.  This year, it was a balmy 6 degrees (-9 with windchill), so we bundled up and headed out.

I had to let Barley borrow a vest or he would freeze.  I also tried to figure out a way to put a hat on him to keep his ears warm until Jason told me I was being ridiculous.  Which is true… letting the dog borrow my clothes is ridiculous.  And, should I be jealous that he looks better in it than I do?

The boys, all bundled up outside the warming tents.

Pond Hockey!  This is one of 25 rinks that are cleared on the lake.  I think we might go back to skate sometime this winter.

This isn’t a very good shot, but I just want you to check out the number of people outside on a 6 degree day (-9 with wind chill).  This is one of my favorite things about living in Minnesota.  Yeah, it’s colder than cold.  But you know what?  Minnesotans don’t care.  They add a few extra layers and go out to enjoy it anyways.  Sigh.  I *heart* you, fellow Minnesotans.

Our Kentucky dog can’t handle the cold yet… we had to leave shortly after we arrived because he got chilly.  When we got home, he laid down on the landing, I covered him in his little blanket, and he napped for the rest of the afternoon.  For being such a big dog, he can be really wimpy sometimes.



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  1. That is the saddest looking dog I’ve seen! But his blanket is cute.

  2. Umm, the warming tents are for standing INSIDE, not OUTSIDE! Silly Jason…(and Barley)

  3. LYou’re so handy, why don’t you make Barley a snowsuit? You can even make boots. The sled dogs wear boots and he could start a new trend for whimpy house dogs. I even have a few pieces of sheepskin you could use!

  4. God bless his pea-pickin’ little heart! He looks pitiful under that blanket…poor guy.

    You have me rolling with your sense of humor…the dog looking better than you in your own clothes. You’re hysterical, my friend!


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