Lasagna Fail

January 24, 2009 at 4:35 am | Posted in Food, Homemade | 5 Comments
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I was super-psyched to find out last week that you can make lasagna in the crock pot.  Lasagna is definitely a cold-weather favorite of mine… I’ve made it in the oven a few times, but, well, we don’t have an oven now, and I don’t have any little pans that will fit in the toaster oven, so I figured I wasn’t going to get any homemade lasagna this winter.  Until I stumbled across this recipe.

The basic instructions are:

(I modified a little to make a veggie lasagna, but you could put any meat or anything else you want in it – just cook the meat first).

Put a little pasta sauce in the bottom of the crockpot, lay lasagna noodles over it, followed by ricotta cheese, some spinach and mushrooms, then a little bit of an italian cheese mix.  Repeat 2-3 times.  Pour 1/4 cup water over your crockpot of yummy-ness.  Set on low for 8 hours.  (or high for 4 hours)

Then I went to work.  And told every. single. one of my coworkers how excited I was to have lasagna for dinner.  And I daydreamed about how much I would love  my delicious dinner of veggie lasagna.  And I tried to avoid drooling on my keyboard.

So of course I was seriously. seriously. annoyed when I got home from work to find a half-cooked lasagna in a cold crock pot.  Grr…  And the fact that I had just bought enough groceries for a week’s worth of crockpot meals was a little like rubbing salt into my wounds.  Bad crockpot.

We had a small adventure today in which we attempted to pick up a new crockpot, but there must have been a run on these handy little kitchen appliances recently, because the closest store that had what we wanted was a 4-hour drive.  So, a shiny new All Clad crockpot will be on it’s way to our house this week (we decided to upgrade from our original Kitchenaid crockpot because this was the second one that we’ve returned due to defects in under 4 months).

When the new crockpot comes in, I’m going to have to give this one another try.  In the meantime, let me know if your lasagna attempts are successful…



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  1. Wow! I had no idea crockpots could even cost that much! I love my $40 crockpot even more now.
    Good luck with this one; you should be able to cook anything in it! I’ll have to try lasagna in mine.
    Good Morning America is having a contest using slow cooker recipes. You should enter since you’re on a winning streak.

  2. Hmm, when did you get so obsessed about food? Is it because I never fed you properly at home? What, you didn’t like pizza every other night? Glad you will be much more healthy than we are! Maybe I should look at cooking as a hobby instead of a chore…

  3. Hey Mom, I’ll go along with that! I also thought it was (is) a chore! Jennifer, did you ever make chicken soup in the crock pot? I bet that would be really easy. you could make a big pot and freeze it for future meals.

    • Crockpot cooking is just so much better than normal cooking. I’m not a fan of having to cook after being at work all day – but in the crockpot! Oh, I can just throw a bunch of stuff in there in the morning before I head out to work, and then – tada! When I get home, there’s a yummy, warm meal waiting for me. It’s so awesome.

      Also, I feel like not having a stove gives me bragging rights. Even when nothing I cook turns out, it’s like, I am so tough, I can live in this house for a year without a stove. I have to quick brag a bunch, cause we might get a stove soon.

  4. I do remember wanting to make gourmet meals the first few years we were married(Jim, you’d better remember as well)! It’s new and exciting. However, even if I am home during the day, I still love being able to make dinner in the crockpot first thing in the morning and I’m done with dinner for that day.
    As for GGG’s entry, I made a great Chicken Tortelini soup last week which was delicious. Soup IS a great thing to do in the crockpot!

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