How we’re staying warm, Part 3: Windows and Floors

January 19, 2009 at 11:03 am | Posted in Our Home, Our Sun Room | 2 Comments
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And now, for the third and final installment in our little series about keeping our old, drafty house as warm as possible without spending a million dollars on gas.

When we found this house, one of our favorite things about it was the big old windows and relatively open floor plan. Unfortunately, during winter, we lose a ton of heat out of our big old windows. Especially in the sunroom, which is almost exclusively windows. (Barley is such a ham – he insisted on posing for the pictures below).

We solved the drafty window situation in the sunroom (and most other rooms in the house) by hanging floor-length curtains made by yours truly. I used a thermal lining to back all of the curtains, and when closed, they really cut down on the draft.

Another issue with the sunroom is that there’s no basement underneath it, and we’re not sure how well insulated the floorboards are. So, this summer, we have Jason has plans to crawl under the sunroom and porch and check things out. (I told Jason this could be his job for the summer because… eww. I’m envisioning dead animals and other nasty things hiding under there. Also, I figure I’ll be up on a ladder glazing windows most of the summer anyways – boy doesn’t have much patience for that sort of thing.)

For now, though, we’ve snagged a wool rug from Ikea ($79). The rug does seem to warm up the room a bit and reduce the draft coming into the living room. I think it works pretty well with the tan curtains, wood table, and oh, yes, the eyesore known as Barley’s kennel.

Which reminds me: do any of you have a creative idea for making the doggy kennel look less like a wire cage and more like something pretty I’d want to have in my house? Barley loves his kennel, and we’re pretty committed to continuing to use it. The only thing is, it’s big and wire and not too visually appealing.



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  1. How about making a top for the kennel that you can put plants on since the sunroom is a great place to grow plants. If you had enough ivy type plants that hung down around the outside of the kennel it would camouflage it a bit and Barley would have his own little jungle hideaway. Just perfect for the savage animal that he is! 😉

  2. Moms idea sounds great. I might add to make the top slightly bigger and put legs on the corners to make it look like a table. Make it all separate so you can just lift it off.

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