Back to Normal (well, almost)

January 14, 2009 at 9:35 am | Posted in Our Home, Our Living Room, Silly | 1 Comment

Over the weekend, we cleaned up most of the Christmas decorations in the house. Sigh. I still can’t believe it’s over… But, now we’ve got new resolve to start our kitchen remodel and continue our work on the study (also, I’ve got a huge project on my desk at work that is due in 3 weeks! So now I’m going to throw in some pictures and you’re going to pretend it’s actual blog content. Sound good?).

We are totally those obnoxious neighbors that leave their lights on entirely too long. But I love how they look under a fresh coat of snow (even if we only have 1.5 trees worth of lights. Yep. One-and-a-half. Because that evergreen next to the stairs is half dead.)

Here’s the fireplace. I left my apothecary jars filled with pinecones, berries, and fake snow on the mantle. I figure they’re good for another 2-6 months (depending on when it stops snowing, and when I find motivation to put something else in them. Because, let’s face it: with the condition of my kitchen and bathroom, these are the last of my worries).

Besides making me want to paint and decorate the living room, this picture reminds me to mention that the one bit of Christmas that I left up was this Santa riding a giant sheep.  It was a present from my Gramma, and it seemed unfair to pack up after spending only 5 days on display.

I know, I know.  You’re all like, “What?  A giant sheep?  Seriously?”

The back story is that when I was 14, my Gramma and Grampa took me to England! (I know! I am a lucky girl!)

Here is my 14-year-old self enjoying the English countryside (yes, I’m holding a ferile chick, but remember that these were the days before bird flu). One day, my grandparents took me to Wales. We saw tons of sheep woolies. Everywhere we looked – woolies! When we stopped for lunch, we saw woolies… wherever we were that day, there were woolies! And, then, we all went to my grandparent’s friend, Sheila’s house for dinner. AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT SHE SERVED FOR DINNER!?!? Woolies. I cried. And that is why my gramma buys me woolies. Cute, no?


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  1. Hooray for Woolies! If you leave him out all year he’d make a good conversation piece and you could tell that story again and again!!!!!!!

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