A second meeting about the kitchen

January 13, 2009 at 8:32 am | Posted in After, Before, Our Home, Our Kitchen, Projects | 4 Comments

Tonight, we have a second meeting about the kitchen.  This time, instead of a fancy-schmancy design firm (remember our first kitchen meeting?), we’ll be meeting with a carpenter who we hope will be able to help us create an amazing new kitchen while staying in budget.  We’d like to do a lot of the work ourselves, but, since this little project of ours will likely involve tearing down plaster walls and building new walls (not to mention adding new electrical outlets and plumbing), we think we’re better off getting some assistance.

We think we’ve come up with good plan for how to use the space, but, dear readers, I’d love your suggestions.  Here’s the current layout of the back half of our house.  The green boxes represent windows and the slanty(i.e., not square) lines represent doors.


The wall between the current kitchen and the 4th bedroom contains a heating vent and a toilet pipe, so methinks that will be quite expensive to move.  Therefore, I think we may use the current kitchen space as a new 3/4 bath instead.  Here’s our current brainstorm – what do you think?  Any suggestions for improvement?




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  1. How about moving the 3/4 bath to the current junk room, and making it accessible from the dining room? Close off the wall on the left side of the kitchen (where the closet and toilet are now). This gives you a nice wall to put your fridge and more counter space. If you really want a breakfast bar, you could move the stove to the left wall, and the fridge to where the stove is now. The breakfast bar could go along the right wall, in front of the window. Finally, you could make the current kitchen space a butler’s pantry, with a small sink, floor-to-ceiling cabinets, and a desk.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks for the suggestion! That was our other option – to turn the back room into a bathroom… My only concern is that it might be weird to walk from the dining room into a bathroom. Also, right now, that area of the house is really open (we can see from the back wall of the house to the front wall), so my thought was to keep it as open as possible…

  2. I would suggest a door where the window in the old bathcloset was. Deck can come later. th e added cost of door and labor should be under 900, and will be appreciated later.

  3. I like your idea. I would not want the toilet off the dining room. As you know, we have the door to the toilet in the wrong place (should have been in the back hall). The suggestion about the door to the back is something to consider , I think.

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