Back in MN

January 4, 2009 at 9:37 pm | Posted in Holidays | 1 Comment

On Friday, we made the long drive from Philly to Chicago. In Chicago, we hopped on a train that took us to Milwaukee, where my parents and Barley dogg were eagerly awaiting our arrival.

We were pretty exhausted after all that travel, so we chatted with the fam for a bit and then went to bed. Saturday, I was treated to eggs and bacon by Trevor, who, at 10 years old, is a better chef than I am.  We decided to head down to the Weddings and Occasions fair at WI State Fair Park to chat with the lovely picture this! photobooths ladies.  And, they let us take our photos in the booth, even though we weren’t planning on hiring them anytime soon.  Aren’t they sweet?

Saturday evening, my grandparents came over for a late Christmas dinner celebration.  My grandma and grandpa P even wore their matching plaid Christmas pants!  We ate dinner, chit-chatted, and opened some very awesome gifts.  It was a very nice dinner that I didn’t capture photographically because I accidentally left my new camera in Jersey (grr!) and once you go SLR, you can’t go back.  Seriously, my point-and-shoot is cute, but definitely not as good as the SLR!  (Fortunately, J’s parents are going to ship my camera!).

Today, we woke up and headed back to MN, where we were greeted by a blanket of snow and an almost-clean house.  Thanks to everyone (especially our parents) that made our Christmas 2008 wonderful!  But, as they say, there’s no place like home…


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  1. Hey mom says thanks for the extra link to the website!

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