Christmas in Philly, Part 2

December 30, 2008 at 5:16 pm | Posted in Holidays | 3 Comments
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My mom is nervous because I haven’t posted in a while. Hi mom! See, it’s all good.

Anyways. Still having a smashing time in Philly. We’ve done all sorts of fun things this week, played with some seriously cute and/or cool kids, opened some presents and hung out with family. Excellent.

Earlier in the week, we hung out with the kids that J’s mom takes care of.  They are a blast!  Two of the three boys showed off their jump shots and I got to try out the action settings on my camera.  They couldn’t get enough of seeing themselves in mid-air (I seriously took over 100 of these pics, and they just kept going).

B smirks at the camera as he shoots.

R looks pretty graceful as he goes in for the dunk.

We also spent some time with J’s cousin’s family, and even accompanied them to visit Santa, where we didn’t take pictures because it was prohibited (I suspect because otherwise no one would pay the $20 for a 5×7.  Or at least, I wouldn’t.  Because I’m like that).

Christmas Eve, we all dressed up and headed out to church (or mass as it’s called around these parts).  After mass, we came back to J’s parents house and ate Chinese takeout.  Yummy!  And, look what J’s sweet mom made for me after reading about my family’s traditions:

Thanks, Debbie, for indulging this spoiled girl’s Christmas Eve palate.

And, although it’s not quite the same as my grandparent’s matching plaid pants:

J’s brother and dad wore matching white button-up shirts and khaki pants.  So, at least someone was rocking the twin costumes.  That makes me wonder whether J and I will ever have matching plaid pants.  Oh my.

J’s brother, Kevin, and our Godson, Peter

Poppy (J’s dad) holding his little princess (aka Lucy)

Our little nephew was so sick the entire time we were here.  His adventures even included 2 visits to the emergency room.  Poor guy!  But, his sister was quite adorable (especially in her little pink dress.  I swoon over baby girls in little pink dresses.) and very happy to let any of us hold her.  So, we tried to help when we could, but I stuck to my strict hand-off-the-baby-when-she-cries policy.  Fortunately, she’s a really calm and cool baby.

Amy and Lucy – I love this picture

The Christmas elves came on Christmas Eve eve and brought matching pjs for the kiddos.  It’s a new tradition for the family, and I love it.  In fact, I wish the elves would come for me (*hint, hint, JT*).  Because who doesn’t love a new pair of pjs?

Lucy models her new Christmas pj’s while sitting on Grammy’s (J’s mom’s) lap

On Christmas morning, we woke up and found apples and oranges outside our door.  Since J’s sister was missing, he thought it was a good idea to throw the fruit at me instead.  So sweet, that one!  We all gathered at the top of the staircase and then headed downstairs to open presents.  JT was especially psyched about the Phillies gear that he got, including a box set of a million hours of Phillies playoff footage on DVD.  I am less psyched about this gift (sorry!), mostly because I wasn’t that into watching the Phillies win the first time.  But, if that’s what makes him happy, I guess I could spare a few hours of tv time.  Sigh.

J *hearts* the Phillies

Then, we got all gussied up and headed over to J’s cousin’s house for Christmas dinner.  J and I had a great time.  If there’s one thing to be said about J’s family, it’s that they always have a good time together.  Seriously, you could lock these people in a dungeon together and I’m pretty sure they’d still have a blast.  Not that I am advocating for that.  I’m just saying.

Sean (J’s sister’s boyfriend), J, and Kevin

Debbie, Bridget (J’s sister), and J

Marcie, our lovely hostess, shows off her homemade salad dressing

Scott, our host, and his son Alex

After dinner, J’s godson, Connor, hit the hot tub in the backyard.  It was warm enough to go out without a jacket on that night… so the hot tub bubbles were the only bit of white outside (still no snow!).

Bridget and I wore coordinating outfits in red and black.



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  1. Carol, were you nervous because Jen hadn’t blogged in a while or because at least 5 of us texted you on Christmas? The party atmosphere made us think of you and Rob and the great party you threw for all of us. What can I say? When the mood strikes and we’re together, there is no telling what can happen.
    We loved having Jason and Jen here; thanks so much for sharing them with us at Christmas.
    Jen & Jason, it was a blast! Thanks for sharing your first official Christmas with us! We love you both!

  2. Glad to see you’re back on Blog! Missed you! Yes, your Mom just had to have a picture of the matching plaid pants for you, and now I know what she did with it. See you this weekend I hope. Have a Happy New Year! Grandpa and I are going to have a party with raw beef and onions and lobster tails! Love. GGG

  3. Thanks, I needed my blog fix…I was getting kind of tired of seeing that Christmas card.
    Watch out for evil anonymous’ post on your shrimp cocktail! Debbie is encouraging your spoiled rotten behavior by making that for you!!!

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