Christmas in Philly, Part 1

December 22, 2008 at 10:45 pm | Posted in Family, Holidays | 4 Comments

We’ve been having a great time in Philly with my marriedfamily.

We arrived around 4ish on Saturday, hung out and went to bed earlyish. After a 20-hour drive and very little sleep, we were pretty happy to sleep in Sunday morning!

Sunday, we headed to Victory Brewery for lunch, and then to Bridget’s (J’s sister’s) place for some family fun. (all photos taken w/my new camera, of course)

Bridget in her super-cool aviators (I am really proud of the blurred background in this photo)

Jason at Victory Brewery

Bridget and Sean

Jason carefully deciding on which type of beer he should sample first (again, I’m quite happy with the blurred background in this one)

Another fun blurred background pic. Love it.

Bridget and her adorable goddaughter, Lucy

Lucy is so cute! (again, with the blurred background… I just want to make sure you can all appreciate my new camera skillz)

JT and Lucy

Our godson, Peter, has also been quite adorable! But also, sick! Poor guy!

He totally used a tortilla chip as a vehicle for ketchup. So awesome.

Jason got a growler of beer. Again, I am pretty proud of the photography skillz used for this pic.

J and Bridget in front of her apartment

Our hosts in front of their Christmas tree

Today, JT and I went shopping for last minute Christmas gifts, and then spent some time hanging out with our adorable little niece (our adorable nephew was still sick!).

Jason and Lucy hung out for a while…

…and then Jason started to eat her. Poor Lucy!



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  1. Hey Jason,
    Zip up your coat and where are your hat and gloves??? It’s winter!

  2. Your new camera skills might be excellent but your spelling needs a little help! Ho!Ho! Or, maybe that is something new that I haven’t caught on to yet! Glad you’re having a good time. Love,GGG

  3. I don’t know what you guys are talking about. Every picture from NJ that I have seen has snow falling in it, you guys must be up to your necks in it by now! Ohh, that’s only on the blog? Not really happening? Shame on you for messing with our minds!!!

    PS: We get it already! You have mad greeting card skillz and photography skillz. Maybe you should add an automatic back patter to your Christmas list because your arm must be getting tired by now!

    btw: what settings do you use for the blurry backround, I want to try it.

  4. @mom-I’ve been using the “Av” setting on my camera for the blurry background effect, and then lowering the F-value to 5.6.

    Does your new camera have such fancy options?

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