An open letter to mother nature

December 21, 2008 at 8:00 pm | Posted in Holidays, Silly, Travel | 3 Comments

(warning: this post may upset snow-hating people in the Philadelphia area)

Dear Mother Nature,

It has recently come to my attention that the weather in Philly is going to be in the 30s-40s this week, sporting a mix of rain and slush.  We are in Philly for the holidays, and in my book, this is not Christmas (or New Year’s) weather!  Can you help a girl out?  Please?  Pretty please?

I really, truly feel that I have earned a white Christmas.  For one, I have cheerfully coped with the freezing cold weather you’ve thrown at us.  That one day it didn’t even warm up to 0?  I didn’t complain once!  I just threw on an extra pair of gloves and jumped around at the bus stop to keep warm.  Even though it was 7am and I looked like a crazy person, all bundled up and jumping around.

I would also like to point out what a good little snow shoveler I’ve been.  You’ve dished out quite a few inches of the fluffy white stuff, and twice! I’ve gone out, early in the morning, before work and cheerfully shoveled away.  Earlier this week, I even shoveled two of our neighbor’s sidewalks, in an attempt to “pay forward” the swell sidewalk shoveling that we received from a neighbor last week.

I seriously, seriously love snow on Christmas.  There’s just something so magical about the snow covering twinkling Christmas lights, something so great about freezing your butt off as you head out to church in your Christmas dress.  So if there’s anything you can do to deliver some beautiful white snow to Philly before Christmas, I would be oh-so-grateful.  I would even forego any other weather complaints this year – including my usual March complaint that it’s spring, and should therefore NOT be snowing or cold, in exchange for some Christmas snow.

So, please?  Pretty please?





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  1. As someone who also wishes for a white Christmas and hardly ever gets one, please listen to our pleas, Mother Nature. We also have two little people here who would love to see snow on the ground (one of whom would love to play in it should he start feeling better soon).
    To anonymous, Jen really does deserve a wonderful Christmas ! I am her” married mother” and she is quite giving and generous!

  2. Oh yes, I’m with you! We could share a little. We don’t know where to pile the stuff anymore. Have a Merry one anyway.LOVE, GGG

  3. I have piles and PILES of the darn stuff and if I can get a mailing address I would BE MORE THAN HAPPY to export the stuff east.

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