Crafty Crafty Christmas

December 17, 2008 at 8:13 pm | Posted in Holidays, Homemade | 1 Comment

There’s something about handmade Christmas gifts that I just really love. I have so much fun putting little personal touches on gifts, but rarely find the time to do so (this year, I’ve only “personalized” 2 gifts with homemade goods… and I will share more on those when the recipients get their presents).

I’ve been following a few blogs that have posted some crafty homemade Christmas ideas, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you. (Maybe this will give me inspiration to make even more personalized presents next year).

Snowflake ornaments from Elizabeth Anne Designs – just some beads and wire, and I bet it looks stunning on the tree.

Felted and embroidered animal ornaments from Sunshine’s Creations – As much as I dislike birds in real life, I am beginning to find fake, whimsical birds charming.  It seems like I am seeing them everywhere this year.

Oven Mitt from

Apron from Little Birdie Secrets – I think my crock pot cooking or my george foreman baking would be way more fun with cute matching oven mitts and apron!

Hot Chocolate Mix in an Adorable Jar from Little Birdie Secrets – this would be a sweet gift to pass on to the neighbor that shoveled our sidewalk for us earlier this week!  (It was such an awesome surprise to come home to a shoveled sidewalk.)

Beautiful Wreath from Eddie Ross – All it requires is glue, a wire hanger, and glass ball ornaments…  I think I might make one for myself!

How about you?  Anyone else bitten by the creative bug lately?  Any favorite Christmas crafts to share?


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  1. I like the door that the ornament wreath is hanging on. Wait until you see the ornament decorations Mrs. Somberg across the street made for around her door. She glued it all herself! I will try and get a picture. No crafts here but maybe next week when Trevor is off of school.

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