Festive Sweater Party

December 14, 2008 at 8:43 pm | Posted in Holidays | 3 Comments

Last night was our annual festive sweater party. Honestly, I was going to avoid throwing a party this year, claiming the state of our kitchen and bathroom as too embarrassing to show friends and coworkers. But Jason was insistent. So we had a party. And it was great.

We spent most of the day yesterday cleaning and making food… Jason made his famous guacamole and some smoky southwest salsa (as well as 2 batches of homebrew), and I made chex mix, artichoke dip, and cookies (yep, cookies! more on that later).  Our roommate, Sanna, was even in on the action – she made glogg (swedish mulled wine), brought out some swedish ginger cookies (delish!), and helped with all of the preparations!

Jason and Barley making Jason’s famous guacamole.

Jason and Barley setting up.

The snacks! Yummy!

Robby didn’t have a sweater, so he had to borrow Barley’s santa hat.

Jason didn’t have a sweater, so he stole one of mine!

This photo could easily be used for blackmail.  If I had to.

Cousins!  It’s fun to hang out with them now that they’re adultish!

Our new Swedish friends.

Marco tried to kidnap our dog.  So I had to put down the camera and stop taking pictures for the rest of the evening.  Or something.

By the end of the night, most of the food was eaten, lots of homebrew and wine was consumed, and I think we were all pretty exhausted.

Proof of a good party: the boys haven’t moved all day.



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  1. I like jason’s haircut. Is he styling it differently? Or is that the mousse? The red bowls and oven mitts make the kitchen look much nicer, maybe they could stay out all year round.

  2. Looks like I missed a good party! Are you going to be able to wear that beautiful sweater again?

  3. WOOOOWEY! Who are those fashion plates and where did they get those stylin’ sweaters? You have such beautiful cousins, but I do think that Jason’s outfit takes the (fruit)cake!

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