The Study: Paper (mostly) peeled

December 12, 2008 at 8:05 pm | Posted in During, Our Study | 3 Comments

I *finally* peeled the last of the wall ceiling paper off of the ceiling the other night to reveal a lovely chalkboard green-colored ceiling.  Check it out:

hmmm.  Yes.

So, undoubtedly you’ve noticed that we’ve got a little problem on our hands.  Or a big problem.  I’m not sure, really.

The white patches above are places where previous owners have patched over the wallpaper.  They’re big, huge, poorly-done patches, and I could only scrape some of them off.

So, if someone (anyone!) wants to tell me what to do now, that would be great.  I’m currently leaning towards sanding them down to the level of the green ceiling and then painting over all of it with white ceiling paint and crossing my fingers that it won’t be noticeable.  But I may entertain other suggestions.



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  1. Call for plaster quotes and get all the rough spots in the whole house taken care of or at least see what the cost differential is between having them fix the worst bits or having them fix all the bumps and ceilings you don’t like.

  2. some place to start….

  3. Since they look like plaster walls, definately have a professional plaster person in….there is a product called KILZ that will cover the chalk board finish….

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