Christmas Decor: Part 1

December 7, 2008 at 11:03 pm | Posted in Holidays | 6 Comments
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Yep, our Christmas decorations require 2 posts. (Because? We’re still not done with the study. And we just discovered that we have a few new cable channels, so Jason tells me we’ll be doing nothing but watching tv this week.)

Anyways. Today, I bring you the living room. Because we’re only decorating 2 rooms for the holidays – the other rooms in our house (e.g., kitchen, study, etc) are such a disaster that I’m not even going to bother.

We’re quite happy with our lovely and full tree. Pretty awesome considering we snagged this baby in exchange for a toy donation! We threw lights and ribbon on it, and then hung our ornaments. I’ve actually obtained all of my childhood ornaments from my parent’s house, and it was really fun to dig them out and hang them up since I haven’t seen them in years. The tree skirt is not my favorite, but it’s my mom’s old one, and I am happy to have any skirt there at all.

I’ve got a candle and a nativity set on the table (our wedding albums are below, and we are still having a great time looking at all of them, especially the most recent addition – a beautiful scrapbook made for us by my aunt Vicki. So awesome!).

We haven’t actually hung the stockings on the fireplace – we’ve been using it, and I’m afraid they’re going to catch fire. Also, we haven’t exactly figured out the best way to attach them to our mantle. One suggestion was tape, but I think I’d be better off buying some stocking hooks. Anyone have suggestions on where I can find some cute ones? I really like the simplicity of these:

Found at Target last year by This Young House

I should also note that my stocking is 3 times the size of Jason’s, and, as much as I like to tease him about how that means I should get 3 times the gifts from St. Nick, it might be time for a little stocking equality around here.

Our fireplace in KY circa 2006. Jason’s tiny stocking is on the left, mine is on the right.

So, maybe some year I will get inspired to make matching stockings for the three of us (can’t forget Barley dogg!).


Remember this from our wedding?

The candy bar at our wedding.

Well, we’ve repurposed some of those jars (which is amazing, since I bought 3 of them for $3.99, and the fourth for $7). I added fake snow and ice, pinecones, clips of greenery from the tree, and ornaments to create little “snowscapes”. We paired it with a sign that Jason’s mom gave us a few years ago, a big red snowflake ornament, and some maroon berries. Here are some close-ups:

I’ve also set up the It’s a Wonderful Life Christmas village given to me in eighth grade by my parents.

I know, I know. You’re all like, “why on earth would someone buy a Christmas village for an eighth grader?”  Well, it’s because that was the year that yours truly made her theatrical debut as young Mary in the stage production of It’s a Wonderful Life.

Young Mary in Gower’s Drug Store.

Cute, no?  I was quite pleased with myself.


That brings us to the staircase.  I wrapped the railing in garland, ribbon, and lights.  Then I set up some mini-trees on the table, and created another snowscape using similar materials to the ones on the mantle.

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!



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  1. I love what you did with those jars; looks like a great use for them. I also love that “count-down” sign; can you take a close up of that?

  2. Staying right with the theme- “always a theatrical production”

  3. Yes, you were very cute as Mary; that’s why I vote about 20-30 times a day for you.
    You were both thespians, Jason having played the role of Peter in “The Witness”. We may have to drag out that video this Christmas. If you have one of yours, bring that also.

  4. And don’t forget to take along the “Scare Spray” commercial!

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