Thanksgiving Recap

December 1, 2008 at 8:22 pm | Posted in Holidays | Leave a comment

I took a little break from posting over the weekend, and enjoyed the time with my family.  So here’s what happened:


We had an awesome Turkey day at my aunt and uncle’s house. Yours truly was trusted with the mashed potatoes (my first contribution to a holiday meal…), and I’m happy to report that they were delish. Success!

Speaking of success, my cousins managed to fit all 18 of us in one room (almost). They put together a crazy seating arrangement, where no one sat next to their spouse. It was wild in some cases (ahem, mom), but lots of fun.

Check out cousin Jim sneaking food before dinner – BUSTED!!

The boys enjoy their first Thanksgiving as brothers.

Cousins Catherine and Jennifer and our roommate, Sanna.

Sanna and I – it was Sanna’s first real Thanksgiving! (She’s from Sweden)

Jason and I celebrate our first Thanksgiving as a married couple!

After dinner we chatted and played charades and then chatted some more. And, of course, no family get-together would be complete without someone falling asleep. Only, I was surprised that it was Robby, and not my dad or grandpa, that fell asleep.

Sleeping Beauty


We woke up late and lounged around the house, measuring out the kitchen and trying to make our own plans for the remodel. My aunt, cousins, and grandparents stopped by to snicker at the wallpaper that has yet to be removed from the study, play with the dog, and check out our kitchen plans. After they left, we did a bit of Christmas shopping and then drove to Milwaukee. Jason and Barley stayed home and made a fire.


Saturday was spent shopping and making cookies. Brother Trevor made me some of his famous hot chocolate. My Grandma came over to set up for a second Thanksgiving on Sunday, and then we all watched movies.


Sunday was spent with my mom’s family (unfortunately, I have no pictures). Everyone came over to my parent’s house around noon and we ate a delicious second Thanksgiving and watched the Packers lose. Robby and I headed back to MN late in the afternoon, and spent the first 5 hours of the trip driving through a winter storm. The tail end of the trip was better, though, and my hubby drove 40 min to pick me up from Robby’s college so that Robby didn’t have to drive any more. I was so happy to get home to a clean house – the hubby had even washed and folded all of the dirty laundry!! (maybe I should go out of town more often?)


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